Analyzing Play-to-earn Market and See How GameFi Projects as ArchLoot Can Prosper

May 11, 2022, Singapore – Play-to-earn (P2E) gaming is one of the most exciting areas within the ever-growing crypto space. The global P2E Games market size is projected to reach USD 3618.4 million by 2028, from USD 755 million in 2021.

However, after GameFi experienced the outbreak, it also faced some difficulties, such as poor playability, unbalanced economic models, and lagging governance. These problems caused GameFi to meet a bottleneck after experiencing an outbreak, so the industry’s voices and experiments for GameFi 2.0 followed.

What Are Gamers Expecting?

In the year 2021, the world has never been flatter. P2E asks whether there is a way ordinary people can earn and share in the value they’ve helped create with their time and attention. For players in countries like the Philippines, the income they can earn inside this digital world is far more significant than what their local physical economy can offer.

Securing sustainable earn used to be the key to quickly attracting audiences and guilds. But the greater fool theory tells us this dynamic won’t end well. Relevant data at the end of 2021 shows that compared with July and August, the income of some GameFi players has already been retracted. There is a view that playing and earning are incompatible to a certain extent.

The question remains still: which is more important, Earn or Play? We believe the answer that is on its way with the ushering of GameFi 2.0 is that: earnings are the foundation, while playability breaks the ceiling.

Enhancing gameplay and community attributes will jointly pave the way to address this issue, as more players are expecting a better experience rather than gamification of work-to-earn. When more players are willing to pay for the experience or the community, it will, to some extent, reduce the disruption to the economic balance caused by rapid changes in traffic.

ArchLoot and its Player-first Strategy

Gaming and metaverse projects have come a long way since ArchLoot started the development. It aims to fulfill the greatest promise of P2E games in its potential for the creation, ownership, and exchange of digital assets, but this time in a different manner – by enabling a user-generated-content friendly ecosystem through interactive NFT technology.

ArchLoot provides a unique genre of ‘composable’ NFT gameplay, allowing users to assemble their fighting avatars from hundreds of NFT parts, and design their color and tattoo schemes from head to toe. Each NFT as the siloed part can be respectively enhanced, strengthened, or re-designed to create new attributes.

Interactive elements not only include lego-like part choosing but also lie in the protocols that enable instant user modification of in-game NFTs. With all metadata logged on-chain, changes in attributes and performances of NFTs will be simultaneously recorded. When these NFTs go into the marketplace, it especially protects gamers’ efforts and merits.

Creation-driven community building highlights another irreplacement of AchLoot. Aside from diverse gameplays, including PVE, PVP, and clan wars, gamers will be spearheading their gameplay preferences, including self-defined maps, cosmetics, and much more.

Simply put, effectively in-game resources, that is monster parts are tokenized, in the meantime, they can extract additional value in the game and in the community, and be sold to anyone, anywhere on open peer-to-peer markets.

Fluctuations in market sentiment can decimate capital. For example, as of this writing, crypto markets are sharply down. ArchLoot intends to create a better gaming world where players can transfer their digital time, efforts, and earnings into disposable income and tangible satisfaction in the real world.

About ArchLoot

Launched in 2022, ArchLoot is a UGC-P2E game with loot-style composability and playability. It provides the first interactive gameplay in the industry, which fully enables on-chain implementation of upgradeable characters/props NFTs and unleashes its potential for playability and user-generated content robustness. The game intends to build an ecosystem, including a great game and a creative community, that truly achieves a balance between playability, accessibility, and profitability.

Gathering talents from the world’s leading gaming publisher, blockchain projects, and financial elites, the team is currently operating across continents and is instrumental in achieving long-term success.

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