ANIMAL RECKLESS PARTY CLUB features an NFT Collection and aiming to build THE “MICKEY MOUSE” OF THE WEB3


The growing appeal of Web3 and the bear market creates shock waves among crypto users. Initiatives like ARPC help people better understand this new frontier and its opportunities. By acquiring the ARPC token you are not only part of a brand, you acquire a new intellectual property (IP) with many advantages.

After months of hard work and dedication, ARPC is delighted to officially announce the Mint Date. It’s going to happen on the 22nd of August 2022 on such big launchpads as NFTb, Liquiditifty, Corestarter, XDsea, VooVoo, DAOSTARTER, ByteNext, Babylons with Mint Price equal 3.5 SOL per 1 NFT.

What should you know about ARPC’ NFTs?

The team is officially launching their own NFT collection titled “Animal Reckless Party Club”. Consequently, the digital assets are inspired by sea turtles. The collection has its main ambassador Jonathan Moffet as the protagonist, contains some robotic art and focuses on ecological problems.

Surprisingly, the team will portray each of these characters in a unique way, using their own painting style.

In total, there will be 7,777 NFTs ready to find their holders.

What is the utility token?

There is a clear focus on the utility of art created in 3D. Post-sale use and expansion in the p2e and metaverses.

Animal Reckless Party Club is poised to become the most popular NFT brand in the metaverse. Or put another way, ARPC will become the Mickey Mouse of web3.

The ARPC  team commented:
We are not just building the brand, we are building the new intellectual property (IP) with every NFT owner as beneficiary. Imagine acquiring 1% of the Mickey Mouse 70 years ago and benefiting from every new cartoon that comes out or every cup and T-shirt that is sold.

ARPC is partnering with real-world and metaverse brands who provide value to their communities and increase ARPC brand awareness in the space. Turtles can now be found as a playable character in games like MetaClash or the U-topia metaverse. And it’s just the beginning.

The ARPC technology ecosystem Key Features

As the INO goes live on several launchpads on August 22nd ARPC will come with a few interesting features that makes it unique among its competitors.

Key Features

ARPC will come with a few interesting features that makes it unique among its competitors. The smart contract created by the team allows the purchase to be made through various blockchains, including the purchase with a credit card. This allows the project to give more variety to its users when it comes to trading, mining and using their digital assets. And not only that.

-Museum-Quality Art: With interoperability in mind, ARPC 3D Turtles are not only detailed and engaging, but also fully metaverse compatible right out of the box. By buying the NFT, you get access to multiple p2e projects.

-Buy with a credit card: You can buy an NFT without having any cryptocurrency. Simply choose how many NFTs you wish to purchase and proceed to pay by credit card directly on the website.

-Using their NFT: The ARPC team is constantly working on new partnerships and integrating the ARPC tortoise into various metaverses. Check out the list of partners and join the ARPC sub-communities.

-Buyback: Once the sale is made, the buyback fund will start. You will guarantee to buy the NFTs at the mint price if you are willing to part with your NFT without loss. 2.5% of sales revenue is allocated to the buyback fund. Works like a director on a first-come, first-served basis




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