Anonymous, Immutable, Secure, Decentralized But Not On A Blockchain — Introducing The Most Innovative Cryptocurrency Yet


DICE is a social revolution that brings the advantages of cryptocurrency and traditional money to one platform. Throwing a twist on top of digital currencies, DICE is a completely decentralized ecosystem as the economy works on Proof-of-Ownership as compared to Proof-of-work.

The DICE economy is a cluster model in which the miners and operators work in a close relationship and the operators own the DICE units. Maintaining the anonymity of the investors, DICE offers a new way of raising the capital for business owners. The operators are not connected among themselves but each operator is connected to multiple miners. The DICE miners support the DICE mining and creation of new DICE units by helping the operators validate each transaction.

As a network of miners and operators, DICE does not require any blockchain to support it. There is no single ledger that stores the transactions. Each DICE unit has an owner associated with it and whenever a DICE unit transaction happens, the ownership is changed. DICE unit remains secure as each 1024-bit block of data is encrypted with the public key. Once the operator verifies the validity of the DICE unit, both the parties receive a change of ownership message but the anonymity is maintained. Let’s see how:


The clusters of miners and operators make it a decentralized platform that does not depend upon a single ledger. It is a kind of social structure where there is a witness to every transaction that happens. It is much secure and closer to real-world currency use. Every miner becomes an investor and works as per proof of ownership. There are as many ledgers as there are the operators who may be private or public too.


DICE economy is secure as the proof-of-ownership ensures that everyone who is part of the ecosystem has an ownership and hence will not harm the ecosystem in any possible way. A miner needs to pool in the computational power rather than the heavy capital. The new communication protocol ensures it is not possible to hack or steal.


DICE cluster model is fully customizable and is transparent at the level of operator. It offers mining both at offline and online level so that the miner remains sure that no one else is using its resources.

Final thought

A blockchainless cryptocurrency, DICE is a revolutionary self-supporting infrastructure that runs on the ecosystem of clusters of miners and operators who work in a transparent yet anonymous relationship. It is an innovative platform that brings a new form of social economy to miners who become investors. Without investing capital, the investors can be part of the ecosystem by offering computational power to mine the DICE units. The DICE transactions are absolutely free of cost making it a valuable ecosystem.

The main goal of the DICE ecosystem is to offer its users an alternative for traditional currency that is completely decentralized and eliminates the challenges ICO brings in raising the funds for non IT start-ups.

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