Anyswap: USDT Listing and the Strategic Partnership With Hotbit

Anyswap Announced This Week The Listing Of USDT (ERC-20) And A Strategic Partnership With The Centralized Exchange Hotbit. 

USDT Listing on Anyswap

The decentralized cross-chain swap protocol Anyswap announced the listing of USDT (Erc20) for trading on Aug 18th. Users can now deposit USDT and receive minted aUSDT with 1:1 ratio using Fusion’s DCRM interoperability technology. The liquidity pool aUSDT/FSN has been added at the same time. Anyswap users can add liquidity to the pool and start trading aUSDT, they can also withdraw and get back their USDT at any time using the lock-out function powered by Fusion.

USDT is therefore the first Erc-20 token to be listed on Anyswap thanks to the DCRM cross-chain solution. With this listing, Anyswap becomes the very first decentralized cross-chain swap protocol in the cryptocurrency space, a large list of tokens and coins will be added in the coming weeks and months, listings will start with major blockchains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin, and then, expand to every blockchain that uses the signature algorithms ECDSA or EdDSA, which represents the majority of coins that are currently available in the market.

To celebrate this listing, 20k ANY will be airdropped daily during 10 days (200k ANY in total) starting for August 18th. The details of this airdrop are as follows:

  • 10K ANY will be airdropped daily to aUSDT holders proportionally to the amount of aUSDT they hold whether they are using it to provide liquidity or not.
  • 10K ANY will be airdropped daily to aUSDT liquidity providers according to the amount they provided to the pool aUSDT/FSN.

This airdrop of almost $ 350k (according to current ANY token price $ 1.70) will definitely motivate current Anyswap users and bring new users and more adoption to the platform.

The Strategic Partnership Anyswap – Hotbit

Another important news announced this week is the strategic partnership between Anyswap and the centralized exchange Hotbit. This alliance is a huge step forward for Anyswap to build and strengthen its cross-chain DeFi ecosystem.

Hotbit will provide Anyswap with 1 million USD worth of liquidity to work together on building their mutual DeFi ecosystem and supporting new DeFi tokens and protocols. This will help both exchanges to provide more options and liquidity to their respective users.

This partnership will also allow both parties to collaborate further in top DeFi projects and the discovery of new promising DeFi tokens. Therefore, any DeFi-related project listed on Anyswap will also get listed on first priority on Hotbit. This important decision will help and support the growth of new DeFi projects by offering new liquidity alternatives.

Anyswap is a fully decentralized cross-chain swap protocol powered by Fusion. It has its own automatic pricing and liquidity systems. Anyswap uses Fusion’s DCRM technology as a cross-chain solution and decentralized Anyswap Working Nodes (AWN) as funds’ custodians.


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