Arbitrum Rolls Out Lower Gas Fees in Phase 2; Whales Gather Around an Under-the-Radar AI Crypto

Arbitrum (ARB), an Ethereum (ETH) layer-2 solution is now fully integrated with the Dencun upgrade through its Atlas operating system, reducing gas fees on its protocol. Atlas is built on Arbitrum’s protocol to receive L2 data the Dencun upgrade introduced.

This development marks the second phase for Arbitrum as it looks to improve the scalability of the Ethereum network while making transactions more affordable.

InQubeta (QUBE), another cryptocurrency project built on the Ethereum network, is now one of the top ICOs in the crypto space as it generates over $12.2 million in token sales. That’s a lot more than the initial $10 million goal. The emerging crypto’s plan to make artificial intelligence (AI) investments easy to access sets it up for considerable growth in the coming years.

So far whales have played a major role in InQubeta’s presale success, buying up massive amounts of tokens. Over 917 million QUBE tokens have been sold.

Best coins to invest in: InQubeta (QUBE) could surge 100x in 2024

InQubeta’s developers intend to use the functionality inherited from the Ethereum network to create a secure, transparent, and easy-to-access way to invest in AI. It allows AI startups to secure funding on its NFT marketplace by tokenizing investment opportunities they have to offer into non-fungible tokens.

Investors purchase fractions of these investment opportunities with QUBE, InQubeta’s governance coin and currency, earning them equity and other rewards. It’s an efficient investment system that is powered by smart contracts, tokenization, and fractionalization. The NFTs sold on InQubeta’s marketplace perform similar roles to stocks.

Investors can resell any tokens they purchase on the marketplace, giving them an easy way to cash out whenever they choose.

The bright future ahead for artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has come a long way in the last decade, going from a pipe dream many people didn’t take seriously to one of the fastest-growing technologies. Concepts like self-driving vehicles and humanoid robots are now a reality and the technological revolution is just getting started.

Many of the companies emerging in the AI sector might go on to deliver useful solutions in the near future, putting those who invest in them in position to build generational wealth. Investing in AI today is a lot like buying BTC ten years ago as the cryptocurrency revolution unfolded. Many of the people who invested big in BTC back then are now millionaires and billionaires.

More than $1.5 trillion is expected to stream into AI by 2030, setting InQubeta up for exponential growth in the coming years. QUBE’s supply being restricted to 1.5 billion means token prices will shoot up exponentially as its market share grows. QUBE will be priced at $14 when it matches the market cap of meme coins like Dogecoin (DOGE), currently at $22 billion, with no real purpose.

Arbitrum (ARB) integrates protocol with the Dencun upgrade

Arbitrum plans to make more improvements to its protocol soon, like the introduction of Stylus, which will increase its network’s efficiency and add more use cases to it. Average transaction fees on the Arbitrum network have now dropped down to $0.011, a lot cheaper than the previous average of $0.70 before Dencun.

However, despite the drastic reduction in fees, Optimism (OP) and Base (BASE) still offer lower transaction fees to their users. ARB’s price hasn’t responded to the recent upgrade, losing 7% of its value in the last month.


QUBE and ARB are two altcoins to watch right now given how much prices could rise later in the year. QUBE is on course to enjoy the most gains with some analysts predicting as much as 10,000% growth.

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