Archos Safe-T Mini – Safely Securing Your Cryptos From Hacks and Attacks


It’s not a fair exchange when you are always on the losing side

With cryptocurrency exchanges increasingly under attack from hackers, it is no longer safe to trust them with your crypto. But with desktop wallets cumbersome and space-consuming, not to mention technically difficult, Archos Safe-T Mini Hardware Wallet is the solution to the problem of storing your complete portfolio safely, without complication.  

It’s tempting to leave currency on the exchange where it was purchased. Cryptos often rely on holders downloading a complete copy of their blockchain to store coins, and online-based services are vulnerable. Then there is the issue of keeping private keys and passwords, and those lengthy paragraphs of unrelated words needed to restore lost wallets. With cryptocurrencies, once they are lost, they are lost forever. Exchanges are easy to find, and knowing all or most of your coins are in one place saves the time and technical know-how required for hosting your own wallets.

In the last twelve months, exchanges have hemorrhaged coins to hackers. South Korean exchange Youbit was forced into bankruptcy in December following two high-profile attacks. $64 million in Bitcoin was stolen from mining marketplace site NiceHash at the end of 2017.  Then over $500 million was lifted from Coincheck in January. Italian exchange Bitgrail was plundered of $200 million in February. In April, Coinsecure failed to live up to its name with news breaking that $3.3 million worth of Bitcoin had been lifted from under its nose.  

June saw two hacking scandals in South Korea send the markets into a sharp decline: Coinrail lost $40 million and before this news had left the printing press, the second largest exchange in South Korea Bitthumb revealed that it, too, had been hacked, this time $31 million dollars had been stolen.

With only some of this money reimbursed to investors, many have resorted to lawsuits in an attempt to recoup their losses.  

Time and effort saved? Far from it.  

With an Archos Safe-T Mini, you can now easily store your cryptos in one place, offline and safe from hackers. This small, smart unit, easy to set up and use, employs the latest in French design and expertise to deliver a solution to all your crypto storage needs. 75% of all coins listed on Coinmarketcap are compatible, and with more tokens and coins constantly being added, there is no need to worry about finding a second home for your valuable digital currencies.


Fitted with a display screen for easy viewing, but small enough to fit in your pocket, the Safe-T Mini cannot be hacked and all transactions to and from the device are viewable as they occur, so it is impossible for modifications to transactions to take place without your knowledge.  

Moreover, the Safe-T Mini comes complete with the manufacturer’s own expertly developed software, which must be installed on your computer to access the device, and is pin-protected, so even if the device itself is stolen, thieves will be unable to access your funds.  Your coins can then be restored on your replacement device using a safe passphrase.

Archos has developed an intuitive and easy-to-use system for operating the device, so you don’t have to possess the great technological knowledge to install and use your Safe-T Mini. It is the product of the electronic engineers of Eiffage Energie Electronique, experienced manufacturers of quality products.

Pre-Order your Archos Safe-T Mini now for as little as $49.99 by visiting Archos online, join the conversation on Telegram


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