Argentinian Airline Rolls Out Ticket 3.0: Can It Help to Fly High?

Flybondi, a low-cost Argentinian airline, announced that it will issue flight tickets in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on the Algorand blockchain. What does it mean for new cryptocurrencies like Read on to find out!

Flybondi: Revolutionising the Aviation Industry

During the Covid outbreak, the aviation industry came to a standstill as countries around the world announced travel bans to contain the pandemic. Even a year after the world learned to live with the covid virus, the aviation industry is still struggling to reach its pre-covid market.

In this situation, an Argentinian airline named Flybondi integrated Web3 technology into its ticketing process to make the passengers’ flying experience more comfortable and convenient.

Flybondi Airline was founded in 2016 and flies to 13 destinations. Recently, the airline announced that each purchased ticket will be issued in the form of an NFT on the Algorand blockchain.

This new initiative is named Ticket 3.0. It is an expansion of the airline’s already existing partnership with NFT ticketing company TravelX.

Benefits of Ticket 3.0

The NFT ticketing technology, TravelX, is built on the Algorand blockchain. Launched in September 2022, the technology allows the passenger to rename, sell or trade their NFT tickets. This new technology allows Flybondi to reduce customer service costs and increase revenue through trading.

Passengers can buy travel tickets on the Flybondi website using fiat currency. TravelX will issue an NFT ticket along with a regular e-ticket. The passengers can create a Ticket 3.0 account to store their NFT tickets. But when passengers trade them in the secondary markets, TravelX and Airline will receive 2% each as transaction fees.

Will Other Airlines Follow Flybondi?

TravelX, the NFT ticketing platform, reported that over 60 airlines around the world have been exploring the possibilities of using NFT tickets.

In 2022, the platform partnered with Air Europa and a Spanish Airline to launch NFT tickets.

The national airline of Dubai, Emirates, has already launched NFTs and a Metaverse experience for its clients last spring.

As more airlines consider the use of NFT tickets, the aviation industry could witness a major shift.

How Can It Help the New Cryptocurrencies?

By using NFT ticketing, Flybondi is showing the world that blockchain technology has more practical applications beyond financial transactions. Therefore, it could help to increase the awareness and adoption of digital assets like and blockchain technology.

The use of NFTs by a major airline could help boost the value of cryptocurrencies. This could also send signals to investors that NFTs are becoming more mainstream and widely accepted.

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Final Thought

As airline companies across the world explore the possibility of utilizing blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies will become inevitable in our daily lives. Therefore, investing in promising new cryptocurrencies like will open up new ways to earn profits.

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