As Avalanche (AVAX) And Cosmos (ATOM) Freeze, The Hideaways (HDWY) Presale Announces Huge 100% Bonus

Most of those involved in the cryptocurrency sector know that the most prominent cryptocurrency exchange, FTX, has just gone bankrupt. Cryptocurrencies dropped due to Binance pulling out of its agreement to buy FTX because of issues that arose.

Some of those coins were Avalanche (AVAX) and Cosmos (ATOM), with both showing red overnight. Fortunately, the new coin on the block, The Hideaways, has been making waves across the crypto world. Many experts predict it will be one of the best investments in 2023.

Invest now to secure a 100% bonus on your investment during their Black Friday event. The price of the HDWY token is also increasing 25% next week, meaning you’ll secure an immediate 125% gain on your investment if you invest now!

Avalanche (AVAX) Goes Down

The blockchain system called Avalanche (AVAX) offers consumers reduced costs and high bandwidth. Three leading chains in Avalanche (AVAX) each play a significant part in how the system functions.

The native currency of Avalanche (AVAX), AVAX, is losing appeal as its value drops below $12. Therefore, compared to its top of $146 in November 2021, it has fallen by 91%. With this price drop, analysts advise investors to look for other projects with more growth potential, projects such as The Hideaways.

Cosmos (ATOM) Downward Move

Cosmos (ATOM), a well-known blockchain, places a significant emphasis on compatibility across blockchain networks for investors looking for utility. Cosmos (ATOM) succeeds at it. Since the launch of Cosmos (ATOM), significant improvements have led to an approximately 600% value rise. During 2021, Cosmos (ATOM) hit an all-time high of $44.75.

Unfortunately, Cosmos (ATOM) was not spared by the recent bear market, as its price plummeted. It is currently worth $10.03, and holders are fleeing to The Hideaways presale.

The Hideaways (HDWY) Presale Rewards Investors with 100% Bonus

Compared to Avalanche (AVAX) and Cosmos (ATOM), traders would consider the presale for The Hideaways to be a more substantial investment opportunity. These are some of the reasons:

  • You may buy, trade, and invest in luxury real estate through a platform called The Hideaways using fractionalized NFTs.
  • The Hideaways will reimburse the generated rental money using ETH and USDT.
  • The modest market cap of The Hideaways enables new investors to develop a 40x return in 2023.

The Hideaways will provide a platform for alternative investments that will allow customers to fully or partially participate in NFTs. A carefully chosen upscale property will support the NFT.

The first quarter of The Hideaways presale has just started, and the cost is only $0.072. Sales of more tokens will increase the coin’s value. Crypto specialists forecast a 4,000% growth in 2023 because of the millions of tokens already sold.

The team is also sure that The Hideaways will be a potential blue-chip asset because it has finished its audit by Solid Proof and will permanently lock its liquidity.

Investing early in a venture with potential is the greatest way to generate significant income. To learn more about The Hideaways initiative, click on the links below.






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