As Bitcoin Transaction Fees Soar, DigiToads Presale Attracts an Impressive Influx of Whale Investors

Whale investors are highly influential in this volatile market because of their huge capital which, when shifted, can influence prices considerably. These experienced investors are always on the lookout for highly rewarding investments, so the entire community tends to watch whale investors’ activity closely.

As Bitcoin transaction fees soar, whale investors are eyeing DigiToads, a new entrant to the meme coin market that has captured the attention of the entire crypto community. Read on to find out what the DigiToads hype is all about.

Crypto Whales Are Eyeing DigiToads

The buzz about DigiToads is thanks to the huge potential of this ongoing presale. Whale investors are paying attention to the project as investing right now in TOADS tokens comes with massive potential gains. The TOADS tokens have already appreciated by 260% since the first presale stage which started only several weeks ago.

Currently in the seventh stage, one TOADS token is $0.036 and is expected to reach a minimum of $0.055 when it is launched on major exchanges. Once it reaches the public, this meme coin is likely to go viral thanks to its unique features and disruptive business model.

DigiToads is designed as the first meme coin with huge potential thanks to its intrinsic value and use cases. Designed as a Web3 game, players engage in toads (digital characters) fighting competitions to earn TOADS alt coins, which can be spent in a wide range of ways, including improving the digital characters, buying cool NFTs on DigiToads’ marketplace, or simply holding them as a long-term investment.

An enticing feature that attracts the attention of whale investors is the way the presale is designed. Each new stage comes with a higher price, so early investors stand to benefit the most. Thus, it is no wonder that more than 290 million TOADS have already been sold, raising over $4.4 million.

DigiToads is in the spotlight thanks to its flourishing community of thousands of followers on social media channels like Twitter. Once the project goes live, TOADS holders will have a wide range of opportunities to generate passive income, such as staking NFTs, participating in gaming competitions, proving their skills in monthly trading contests, or simply holding TOADS tokens and enjoying the regular airdrops – 10% of all revenues from in-game items will go to all TOADS holders every month.

Crypto enthusiasts can use a wide range of payment methods to purchase their first TOADS now and join the weekly giveaways worth $150,000. ETH, BTC, USDT, and even SHIB or XLM can be used to buy the alt coins. Currently priced at $0.036, the token is to rise to $0.042 in the next presale stage, with nearly 17% upside, and a total of 320% gains compared to the first presale stage.

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Why Are Bitcoin Fees So High?

Every Bitcoin transaction comes with a significant fee, which is used to reward miners who process Bitcoin transactions. In simple terms, if there is high activity on the blockchain, the fees are soaring because of the limited number of miners who need to process a higher number of transactions.

As a result, soaring Bitcoin fees are a result of demand and supply – to which exchanges fees and trading fees can be added, increasing the costs for users.


DigiToads has already proved its potential during this successful presale. At the same time, the growing interest of whale investors in this new meme coin with viral potential makes it one of the best cryptos to buy now if you are looking for value-laden projects this year. Combining NFT staking, entertainment, trading opportunities, and monthly rewards to holders, DigiToads is undoubtedly one of the most forward-thinking meme coins right now.

For more information on DigiToads visit the website, join the presale or join the community for regular updates.


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