As High as 981% APY – This Is How Lucrative BigONE DeFi Smart Pools Are


BigONE Exchange, one of the world’s safest crypto exchanges, was thrilled to launch a series of liquidity mining pools that leverage DeFi protocols and products to generate extremely high yields for its users who are eager to take a piece of pie from the trending DeFi projects.

What is a BigONE DeFi Smart Pool?

A BigONE DeFi Smart Pool is a BigONE wealth management product that allows you to profit from DeFi yield farming with ease. The word “Smart” means BigONE constantly searches for the high-yield, high-quality DeFi projects to mine from, if the mining yield goes down for one DeFi project, BigONE will mine from another project. In another words, BigONE will be smart about your investment. It is A-okay for you not knowing what is yield farming is, how it works, and still enjoy the high return from yield farming. How to do it? Simple, just sign in to BigONE Exchange, go to DeFi section, select a BigONE DeFi Smart Pool, make a demand deposit, then click “Join”, and it is done. Sit back and relax, as BigONE does DeFi liquidity mining for you.

“For years BigONE is known for its security, we used only multi-signatured cold wallet and manual transaction checks to safeguard our users’ assets. Since founded in 2017, We have never lost even a single token of our users’ assets. Now many will see that we are an exchange that has the users’ best interests in heart.” said Ian Tian, Chief Executive Officer at BigONE Exchange. “Right after the Compound’s COMP governance token distribution system started, our developers at BigONE began working tirelessly to develop and launch BigONE DeFi smart pools. These smart pools are all about providing most profitable yield farming opportunities to our users, and we have lived up to our commitment. Some of the pools are proven to be the most profitable smart pools in the crypto industry, based on the past few days’ mining result. Going forward, we will continue to choose audited, well-known, and high-quality DeFi mining projects in the industry to mine on behave of our users, giving them high returns, as well as peace of mind.”

What sets BigONE DeFi Smart Pools apart?

Diversity: BigONE rolled out several DeFi liquidity mining pools over the past few months, such as BTC, USDT, ETH, TRX DeFi Smart Pools, and Curve, Plasm, AMPL, DOT Mining Pools. All for your selection.

Easy to join: There is no rigorous process awaits you if you want to join. If you have a BigONE account and as little as 100 USDT or 0.1 ETH in your account, you can participate within a minute.

0 gas fee: If you participate in BigONE DeFi Smart Pools, you will not be charged any gas fee that has troubled so many individual farmers on the Ethereum network nowadays.

Timely daily settlement: Want to pull your coins out? No problem. For most pools, the mining profit are distributed to participants daily. If you want out, the deposit amount will be credited to your account in 24 hours.

Ultra-high yield: Let the facts speak for themselves: on September 1st, 2020, BigONE USDT DeFi Smart Pool achieved 0.587% daily return, or 846% APY, the highest in the crypto industry. On September 3rd, 2020, BigONE ETH DeFi Smart Pool achieved 0.628% daily return, or 981% APY.

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