As Worldcoin ($WLD) Holders Affected with 90% Loss, Litecoin ($LTC) and InQubeta ($QUBE) Demand Skyrockets

The artificial intelligence (AI) industry has been a sector of innovation and advancement. AI-driven solutions have been helpful in healthcare, finance, and autonomous vehicles, showcasing the AI sector’s transformative potential as the future of technology. Decentralized finance (DeFi) investors have recognized AI’s growth potential and seek a trustworthy avenue that seamlessly bridges the gap between cryptocurrency and AI. The new platform InQubeta ($QUBE) has emerged to end their search.

InQubeta is positioned at the forefront of the AI revolution, pioneering an innovative approach that allows crypto investors to invest fractionally in promising AI startups. Its outstanding innovation has caused its demand to skyrocket. Meanwhile, the high-ranking Litecoin ($LTC) is similarly enjoying a rise in demand, while 90% of Worldcoin ($WLD) investors have recently experienced losses in their investments.

Let’s explore how InQubeta’s and Litecoin’s demand is skyrocketing as Worldcoin holders experience a loss in investments.

InQubeta ($QUBE) Receives a Remarkable Demand Surge as It Leads the AI Revolution.

The InQubeta presale has been highly successful, having raised nearly $3 million and sold over 345 million $QUBE coins in four stages. The growing demand for the project’s native $QUBE coin has propelled its growth to thrive among the top crypto coins. InQubeta is recognized as a visionary crypto project with exciting plans. These plans include introducing a swapping protocol, a unique tax system, and a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace with the most popular NFTs.

InQubeta is leading the AI revolution with a pioneering approach to AI investment. Holders of its native $QUBE coin can fractionally invest in beginner AI companies and receive exclusive access to the startups’ services and product discounts. InQubeta’s unique innovation has led to a daily increase in demand for $QUBE tokens, consequently boosting its market performance and value.

InQubeta’s unique tax system has also caused the demand for the $QUBE coin to skyrocket. A 5% sell tax imposed on $QUBE transactions is transferred to a reward pool for incentivizing stakers. The transparency and profitability of InQubeta’s NFT marketplace have significantly contributed to the rise in demand for the $QUBE coin. In this marketplace, NFT traders, collectors, and investors can purchase the most popular NFTs created by the AI startups that the platform supports. The buyers can capitalize on the NFTs’ appreciating value by reselling them.

Litecoin ($LTC) is Improving in Technological Advancement and Demand.

The utility token $LTC of the Litecoin project was designed as a faster alternative to Bitcoin (BTC). It serves as a peer-to-peer (P2P) digital currency for everyday transactions. The recent surge in Litecoin’s demand can be attributed to technological improvements and increased mass adoption. Its recent halving event, held on August 2, 2023, created a sense of scarcity for the $LTC token, causing its demand to skyrocket.

Litecoin’s constant technological advancements—such as the Lightning Network—improve its scalability and transaction speed. This feature has made it one of the top crypto coins in the DeFi market. It is cheaper than Bitcoin ($BTC) and appeals to retail investors seeking entry into the crypto industry. The growing acceptance of the $LTC token as a payment method by businesses has skyrocketed its demand.

Worldcoin ($WLD) is Experiencing a Value Decline Amidst Regulatory Scrutiny.

Worldcoin is one of the new DeFi projects trending in the DeFi market. Focusing on iris biometrics, it scans individuals’ irises and offers 25 units of its native $WLD token to each participant in return. Worldcoin recorded a sudden rise in investor involvement, which caused the $WLD token’s price to rise to $3.58 shortly after launching on July 24, 2023. Unfortunately, investor enthusiasm waned quickly, drastically reducing its value by over 40% by the end of August.

In early September, a well-known data and regulatory analytics firm, IntoTheBlock, presented an insight concerning Worldcoin’s price movements. Its data revealed that 90% of $WLD investors made losses and only 5% of $WLD token holders accrued profits. The remaining 5% neither lost their initial investments nor made gains. As more regulators scrutinize the project’s bear run, the token price might continue downward.


The demand for InQubeta has skyrocketed thanks to its successful ongoing presale, unique tax system, and innovative approach to AI investment. Similarly, Litecoin is gaining momentum due to continuous technological advancements, increased adoption, and its recent halving event. In contrast to InQubeta’s and Litecoin’s positive developments, Worldcoin is experiencing a downturn in investor satisfaction after 90% of its token holders lost their initial investments and potential profits.

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