At Only 23, Lucas Lee-Tyson Made $8M With a Simple, Boring, Timeless Business

The digital economy is one of the fastest-growing spaces. Rapid technological advancements have influenced not only our social lives but also how brands conduct business. Social media, for instance, has become an integral part of every brand’s marketing strategy. Having a solid online presence is essential as modern Gen Z is social, mainly media-driven.

On the other side, the digital economy has also provided Gen Z with numerous career opportunities. You can establish a career as a social media influencer, marketer, or digital agency and help other businesses find success. Lucas Lee-Tyson is one of the youngsters who saw and leveraged marketing opportunities in the digital economy, becoming a millionaire at only 23.

Lucas is a successful entrepreneur and digital marketer. He is the founder of Growth Cave, one of the top digital marketing agencies in the country. Growth Cave is known as the go-to brand for all your digital marketing needs. The brand has cemented its position with a unique approach and well-thought-out, practical strategies tailored to meet each client’s needs. Lucas has been at the company’s helm since its establishment, growing and scaling it to become a multi-million dollar brand.

Lucas established Growth Cave from his college dorm room years ago after spotting the market gap and need for digital marketing services for micro-entrepreneurs. He started the brand by offering freelance digital marketing services to small businesses, particularly those which couldn’t afford typical agency contracts. The business grew to over $300,000 a year, even though he was working as a one-man army.

Luca’s desire to reach more people drove him to adopt a unique approach aside from fulfilling all the work one-on-one. He swiftly transitioned the business model to training and coaching other businesses and entrepreneurs on marketing. This change allowed him to make $2M in his third year in business, with a team of fewer than five people. Best of all, his clients got better results than when he was doing it all for them. Now, Lucas teaches other aspiring course creators everything he has learned in his journey and helps them avoid the mistakes he ran into.

“Sell what people want, and give them what they need. The biggest successes I have had in business have come when I have removed my judgments and emotions and instead focused solely on creating a product that people desperately wanted. The best businesses on earth are not ones that ‘create’ demand with their advertising or marketing but instead channel existing demand into a product that people did not know yet existed,” Lucas explains.

Moving forward, Lucas highlights his goal to democratize financial education for everyone. According to him, understanding the digital economy is a basic skill that everyone should endeavor to acquire. It’s, therefore, the goal of Growth Cave to grow and become a household name when it comes to building real wealth in the digital economy. This includes expanding and helping more entrepreneurs uncover its potential.



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