Bashar DAO Launches BASHAR Token: For the Betterment of the Arab Region

Making transactions with BASHAR will help the protocol by gradually filling the DAO treasury, which will support rebuilding efforts within Syria and investments within decentralised technology in the region

Damascus,SyriaBashar DAO is happy to announce its launch and release of their Decree, bringing what it bills as the first decentralised token aiding real world projects aimed to benefit people in need within Syria and the region. In reality once born BASHAR, like Bitcoin and other decentralised financing options, cannot be stopped. The Bashar DAO serves to contribute to the protocol by filling the DAO treasury thus assisting in the funding of investments into decentralised technologies in the Arab region. This is achieved due to a 5% tax per transaction.

BASHAR will be used to contribute & fast forward economic & social change through investments into decentralised technologies whilst putting funds into the pockets of Syrians and others within the Arab world, contributing to lasting peace and prosperity within their respective country. Bashar DAO furthermore aims to harness the power of blockchain technology for the greater good of the Syrian people.
Financing shall be available to projects that are keen to promote change. Any protocol, technology based or more traditional, large or small shall be considered and voted on by the holders. There will be a steady source of financing available for those wanting and willing to bring beneficial change to the Arab region.

For the Betterment of Syria

One of Bashar DAO’s initial goals is to accelerate the rebuilding efforts within the country post the destructive earthquakes felt in February. Rescue efforts were once again hampered due to the extreme aftershocks felt in the days and weeks thereafter. Blockchain technology funded through the DAO, could be used to facilitate digital infrastructure projects in hotspot areas at high risk of being struck by natural disasters again. Energy networks could become decentralised, allowing for more efficient and cost effective options whilst improving general access to electricity throughout the country.

The use of BASHAR within such infrastructure would allow for greater public scrutiny over the use of resources too – including international donations,  helping to ensure that funds go where they are meant to go, rather than being lost through mismanagement or low-level corruption.

The Decree makes for gripping reading, giving an overview of Bashar al-Assad himself, the history of Syria, where the region stands today and how the Bashar DAO aims to accelerate regrowth within months.

Traditional Monetary Systems Are Crumbling

It is well noted in recent weeks with the failing of some of the biggest banks both in Switzerland and the States that today’s monetary system constrains the vast majority of people in poverty as debt-based societies need inflation to operate. It could be argued that inflation serves to rob the poor whilst limiting their chance of financial freedom.
A wise leader of the Arab world once noted “you cannot reform your society or institution without opening your mind.” Fair distribution of funding is a borderless phenomena but an achievable goal which we all must strive for.

Within the project users are able to submit proposals for financing by the Bashar DAO. Only the founding parliament members and the top 100 BASHAR holders may submit suggestions for funding from the protocol. The parliament members shall be responsible for making public the proposals sent to the Bashar DAO that meet the threshold.

A set criteria must be achieved to stand a chance of funding. Firstly, the proposal should be underpinned by the desire for decentralisation. Secondly, the proposal should benefit the people living within the Arab region. Thirdly, the proposal must be legal in accordance with the rule of law within the Syrian Arab Republic or country of proposal within the region.
Any BASHAR holder can submit a proposal to the DAO for voting, as long as they fall within the top 100 holders.

The Bashar DAO is completely decentralised, including its fundraising methods. The DAO will exist as long as users transact with the native BASHAR token, proposals are made and votes are collected. Novel, environmentally friendly and regional benefitting ideas all have an opportunity of being funded through the DAO. The more creative the better.

Progressive Change

Initiated by a group of Syrians and bootstrapped into existence with the loving support of the Syrian people, Bashar DAO is an independent collective of ordinary people, activists and web3 natives. A proud mix of Syrians and non-Syrians across gender & identity. Anonymity and freedom is the catalyst for decentralisation. Bashar DAO adheres to this philosophy wholeheartedly.

Bashar DAO is a completely decentralised funding mechanism that allows everybody to contribute novel solutions to regional issues. The DAO operates independently and with the help of their leaders, provides the funding required to make the much needed headway. The project’s treasury system generates funds on a timely basis for the growth of the protocol.

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