Be The Earliest, Find The Best Presale, Make Millions Like Solana ICO Buyers: Is Oryen Network The Next One?


The adage, ‘make hay while the sun shines, and ‘the early bird catches the worm’ aptly applies to ICO early adopters. The early Oryen ICO investors are raking in millions from their wise investments. So why can’t you join the bandwagon?

Why You Will Make Millions Investing in Oryen Network (ORY)

According to Business2Community, the Oryen ICO is selling more quickly than anticipated. Many investors are utilizing the early-backer bonuses, and ORY is the deal. The current 250% increase above the debut price signals how easy a serious investor can recoup their investment, and it’s surpassing established giants like Solana.

Oryen Network has unique offers that guarantee static returns in the cryptocurrency space by leveraging compound interest. Investors enjoy a Risk-Free Value wallet and the Oryen Autostaking Technic OAT Mechanism. OAT automates the staking process so that you won’t keep monitoring or trading daily. It gives an excellent opportunity for investors to earn passive income.

The guaranteed fixed annual percentage yield (APY) of 90% or daily returns of 0.177% will ensure high returns for investors. The treasury support takes care of the cryptocurrency market’s volatility.

From the below table, you can see how easy it is to make millions through ORY ICO.


Presale Phase Date Price Increase ORY Price Purchase Bonus
Presale 5 23 Nov — 02 Dec 200% $0.15 7%
Presale 6 02 Dec — 09 Dec 250% $0.175 5%
Presale 7 09 Dec — 16 Dec 320% $0.21 5%
Presale 8 16 Dec — 23 Dec 400% $0.25 5%
Presale 9 23 Dec — 27 Dec 500% $0.3 0%


The token has risen to the current $0.175 during presale 6. Oryen doesn’t have vesting, is going to be auto airdropped to holder wallets and gives all ICO buyers an equal opportunity to secure presale gains at a launch price of $0.35.

Solana Network

Solana, with its native token (SOL), applies smart contract functionalities, and it was the ultimate player in the 2021 bull market. Many early investors who switched to their network because of its high level of scalability made millions. Now the same is happening to ORY investors.


Is ORY the Ultimate Deal? Everyone wants a piece of ORY right now, and holders of other tokens are adding the Oryen token to their portfolios. It’s easy to see why many investors are buying this coin right now. After surging 250% and a guaranteed 90% APY rate, it can be a massive opportunity to mint millions. So if you are looking for an investment with guaranteed returns, consider the Oryen Network.

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