Best investment in 2022 seems to be Degrain (DGRN) as top analyst predicts 8,000% gain by Christmas over Solana (SOL) and Sand


Hundreds of new coins are frequently released, and the cryptocurrency industry is increasing. However, a project’s utility distinguishes it from the competition. Only ventures with essential usefulness will endure the test of time, notwithstanding the growing trend of cryptocurrencies. The coin can stand out and develop in the future with a solid use case. Degrain (DGRN), Solana (SOL), and The Sandbox (SAND) will be explored in this article with Degrain (DGRN) being predicted by top analysts to rise over 8,000% before the end of the year.

Solana (SOL) sees a lot of investors sell to buy into Degrain

Although Solana (SOL) is currently trading at a lower level, sellers of Solana (SOL) have so far been unable to break through the $40.23 support provided by the 50-day SMA. At the time of publication, the Solana (SOL) token traded for $38.50, a 4% decrease over the previous day.

Since breaches in Solana (SOL and exploits have previously resulted in double-digit price declines for Solana (SOL) in tokens linked to victim cryptosystems, Solana (SOL) losses seem modest. Despite this, the attack is a bad look for the fifth-largest smart-contract blockchain in the world, which promises faster and less expensive transactions than Ethereum. Solana (SOL) potential as an Ethereum substitute has already been diminished by the numerous network disruptions Solana (SOL) has experienced over the last 12 months. Solana (SOL) could regain traction but not until mid 2023.

Sandbox (SAND) looking to be king of the metaverse

Users  can purchase, sell, and trade assets with other players on the NFT market hosted by Sandbox (SAND). The Sandbox (SAND) metaverse, where you can interact with other players, can then be equipped with these items or host them there. Even the well-known rapper Snoop Dogg has an NFT collection in The Sandbox (SAND). The collection of Sanbox (SAND) contains almost 10,000 assets!

Need a break from playing the usual old games? The Sandbox (SAND) will take care of you. The Sandbox (SAND) website allows you to make your games with your own rules. Because there is no code involved, anyone can do it. Simply put, The Sandbox (SAND) provides you with “the toolkit your imagination needs to come to life.”

Degrain (DGRN) tipped to be the best investment of 2022

Many investors are willing to stake money in Degrain (DGRN) due to the recent expansion of NFTs. In exchange for using the platform to buy or sell their NFTs, users will obtain DGRN tokens. Due to the team’s plans to establish a liquidity lock for ten years while locking team tokens for a year, Degrain (DGRN) seems to be a very safe investment for stakeholders. The audit and approval of the smart contract have already occurred which passed with flying colors.

Degrain (DGRN) which launched presale phase one on the 7th of July sold out in under two weeks. Phase Two also looks like it will sell out early with over 85 million tokens sold in a matter of  days.  By 2022, leading cryptocurrency analysts expect Degrain (DGRN) will have increased by 8,000 percent. Degrain (DGRN) has taken the crypto space by storm, having very rapidly in less than a month become one of the most talked about cryptos around. Creating a cross-chain marketplace, the team are looking to bring this project to a top ten market cap by the end of 2023, to hold this token will make some millionaires. Degrain (DGRN) has been selected as this week’s top investment by top crypto analysts. You can enter the presale using the links below.



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