Best Tokens to Buy in Crypto Winter: RTC, USDT & BNB


We are now in a crypto winter – meaning that digital asset prices have taken a significant hit in recent months. On the other hand, this an excellent opportunity for investors to buy a range of crypto tokens at a discounted price.

This guide ranks the best crypto winter tokens to consider buying today to take full advantage of the current bear market.

Being able to separate the good winter crypto tokens from the bad ones is a very difficult task. After all, nobody could have predicted that a former top ten crypto project by market cap like Terra ($LUNA) would have capitulated to become virtually worthless in a matter of days.

As a result, lots of in-depth research is required before investing on any crypto projects. Here, we analyze the best tokens to invest in during the crypto winter:

Tether ($USDT)

Tether is a stablecoin and has been on the crypto market since July 2014. The token is known as the “Real coin“ because it aims to maintain a ratio of 1:1 with the US dollar.

It was created to solve two big issues that the cryptocurrency had: convertibility and volatility. So far, it has managed to retain the parity intended, except for the brief drop  in May 2022.

In theory, the price of Tether will always remain the same because the official currency backs it. This is why Tether managed to go through a downtime earlier in the year without major losses.

Because of its stability, $USDT is a good choice for investing during the crypto winter if you are tired of the risks that come with Ethereum and Bitcoin.

However, it is important to note that there is no return on investment that you can expect, but rather a store of value because of the previously mentioned parity.

Binance Coin ($BNB)

Binance Coin ($BNB) is the native crypto of the Binance exchange platform. The token was initially based on the Ethereum network. However, it is now on Binance’s blockchain, the Binance chain. BNB is a utility token that holders can be used to pay for goods and services and settle transaction fees on the Binance Smart Chain.

Holders of BNB with Binance accounts can access discounted fees on the Binance’s platform. That means demand for $BNB is linked to the demand for the exchange’s services.

Therefore, buying $BNB can be seen as a bet on the exchange’s success, similar to buying a share in a company, except that owning the token comes with no ownership rights in the exchange.

Given its positive future and advantages over other cryptos, $BNB offers some great opportunities for investors.

Rate That Crypto ($RTC)

Rate That Crypto ($RTC) is an exciting, free-play, learn-and-earn game where players use points to predict, bullish or bearish, against their favourite crypto projects using live price data over a specified time window of their choice.

Players whose predictions are correct earn more points, while those with incorrect predictions lose their staked points. They compete to climb the leaderboard for the monthly season.

Users play to climb the rankings and increase their chances of winning the platform’s native token, $RTC, NFTs and more, all without risking any capital whatsoever. The top 100 players earn these prizes. To stay up to date with all things Rate That Crypto check out the RTC Discord Server and join the telegram group

As a new player, you will be issued points, which you can use to compete against players worldwide to rank on the leaderboard to win $RTC and NFTs. Earnings are distributed directly into players’ non-custodial wallets. Users can also earn bonus points via referrals and ads, which facilitate the growth of the prize pool.

Apart from playing games, Rate That Crypto provides many educational materials and sources for crypto newbies and experienced traders to sharpen their skills and prepare themselves for the live markets.

Users can also keep up to date with the latest news, read about the latest innovations and discover new projects across various sectors, including DeFi, Metaverse, NFTs, P2E and more.

Rate That Crypto ($RTC)’s presale stage is currently ongoing, and many industry experts are predicting that the token could boom like DOGE in 2021 and make 1000x for its investors in the future.

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