Beth Combines Ethereum Technology and Deep Learning to create a New Gen Close-End Fund

May 11, 2017, Tokyo, Japan – Headed by Dr. Seiji Yoshizaki and his partner Hayato Takano, a team of four entrepreneurs from Japan are proud to introduce Beth, a new generation investment fund. The Beth Fund combines the goodness of Ethereum technology with Deep learning techniques. The platform enables participation of investors and the cryptocurrency community through the upcoming ICO scheduled on June 5, 2017. Participants in the ICO will witness the distribution of 100% of 20,000,000 available Beth tokens until June 20, 2017.

What is Beth?

Beth is the first ever closed-end fund focused on applying the latest advances in deep learning research combined with financial expertise. The development team has worked tirelessly from May 2016 till September 2016 to design of Beth’s basic concept meticulously.

Investor Benefits

Beth will provide an opportunity for investors to invest in a new generation fund system, by implementing Deep Learning techniques to reduce risks and complications. This innovative solution will allow investors to obtain great returns on the investment. Beth serves as a gateway for numbers of investors who wanted to be part of a new decentralized economy.

Many Wall Street investment funds are already experimenting with this concept to maximize profits and optimize their efforts. The team at Beth decided that it is time to generate equality for all by pulling down technological barriers and guaranteeing access to the latest technology to any interested investor.

On Beth, any investor can monitor the portfolio, thanks to the available monitoring and auditing tools. Also, the platform will conduct external bimonthly audits to provide necessary transparency to investors.

The Head of Development at Beth Dr. Seiji Yoshizaki, explaining the team’s ambitions said,

“Our goal is that the advances made with Beth transform it into a “killer app” in the field of deep learning and, as well, help popularize Ethereum and its technology throughout Asia.”

How does it Work?

The Beth team is involved in the creation of complex trading models and strategies with the possibility of learning, developing and improving over time. Thanks to the technology behind Beth and the trading models developed, the system will be able to choose the investment approach and vary the strategies in a self-determined way according to the conditions and movements of the market. The team will monitor the whole process at all times.

The platform will be backed by High-Performance Computing systems as the team explores its options for migration to Golem-Elastic-iExec provided the development of these platforms have attained maturity by the time of Beth’s launch.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

At Beth, users, investors, and cryptocurrency community members will be allowed to take part in the initial coin offering from June 5, 2017, until June 20, 2017. During the ICO, 100% of the tokens will be distributed, that is, 20,000,000 of Beth Tokens (Total Supply). The number of the Beth Tokens allowed for purchase by one user is unlimited at a fixed price of $0.50 per Beth Token. These will be issued only once and serve as proof of membership of their holders in the Beth Fund.

The Beth tokens will provide their holders a right to receive 60% of quarterly profits, and 25% of the profit will be reinvested back into the portfolio, this is 85% of the profits to the investors. The distribution of the profits will be realized through an Ethereum Smart Contract so that it will be automated.

To incentivize the participants of Beth ICO, the crowdsale will offer early bird bonuses to investors. On the first day of the crowdsale buyers will receive a 30% bonus, followed by 25% on the second day and 15% during the next five days.

The team will allocate 70% of the raised funds to the portfolio, 15% to cover the operational expenses and the rest will be used as reserve funds hedged in BTC and ETH.

Beth Beta is currently slated for launch in July 2017. The team will be initiating its first training session for Beth from June till October 2017.

The launch of “Beth Fund” is set for the end of October 2017.

About Beth

Beth is a closed-fund platform utilizing the power of deep learning algorithms in combination with the Ethereum blockchain to create an intelligent investment tool. Created in Japan, the platform will be responsible for managing the Beth Fund.

Learn more about Beth at –
Beth Slack Channel
Medium –

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Company Name : Beth

Company Address : Tokyo, Japan

Representative Name : Seiji Yoshizaki

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