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Ethereum is growing fast, and better services are needed to keep up with its growth. Investors demand better Ethereum wallets, better decentralized applications, and better security. Ethereum-Wallet.net’s best online Ethereum wallet has been released for all platforms. Its user base has grown to tens of thousands in just a few months.

The Rise of Ethereum

Ethereum, one of the most popular digital currencies in the market.
Ethereum, one of the most popular digital currencies in the market.

Vitalik Buterin’s Ethereum project has risen tremendously since its initial Ether sale. The price started to explode in early 2016. Ethereum now ranks #2 by market cap at $1 billion. The Ethereum community helped crowdfund the second most successful cryptocurrency in the industry. Ethereum’s edge is the introduction of smart contracts to the cyptocurrency market, where applications can be programmed to run on top of the blockchain. This innovation has sparked huge interest in creating applications for the currency.

Since the market is expanding for Ethereum, numerous companies have contributed to the project.

Effortless to setup

Ethereum-Wallet.net introduces a better ethereum wallet. In addition, Bitcoin-wallet.net is created by the same company.

Ethereum-wallet.net takes about five seconds to setup. That’s millions of times faster than traditional solutions. It breaks down the barrier of entry for investors, as they no longer need to be tech-savvy to participate.

Users no longer need to download and synchronize tons of data just to access their wallet. Traditional Ethereum wallets require its users to download the blockchain, which is growing in size every day. These traditional Ethereum wallet applications would take days to sync, and often run into issues while syncing. Additionally, downloads can be infected with malware or exploits, creating vulnerabilities on your own machines. The company’s solution is especially convenient for people who just want to setup their Ethereum account without dealing with days of downloading the blockchain.

Better than existing wallets

It’s no surprise that other single node wallets have faced issues with crashing during times of high load. People are looking for a solution that can work even when many users are online at once. Recently, we’ve seen the Golem project raise $9M in 20 minutes. This seem like a lot. But many investors weren’t able to buy in due to their wallets crashing. Due to high load on a single wallet’s server, many potential investors were left out even they were prepared.

Since many users missed out on the Golem crowdsale, this post on Reddit caught much attention:

Ethereum doesn’t need better PR. Ethereum needs better clients/wallets

If I want to send or receive value, any of the top Bitcoin wallets (Electrum, MultiBit HD, Bitcoin Core, Bitcoin Wallet, CoPay) provide a much more secure, private and convenient experience than existing Ethereum wallets…

There’s no point in doing PR if the current state of the ecosystem is not ready for non-technical users.

Ethereum-wallet.net looks to solve this issue, introducing a better Ethereum wallet for Ether investors. The application distributes load among multiple nodes, and gives users a better chance at securing their spot in crowdfunding opportunities.  In addition, this takes the load off of other services, and decentralizes the application network to give users more freedom and choice. The interface is clean and easy to use.

Accessible from Anywhere

With the best Ethereum Wallet, users can access their Ethereum from anywhere. All server data is securely stored on the cloud. This allows users to send and receive Ether on-the-go, or at home. It’s a major step above the downloadable wallets of yesterday, and will help Ethereum grow as a digital currency. More users will get on board as they find digital currency easier to use than cash.

More Features, Better Features

The company plans to add additional features to their site, and to further optimize the user experience for a better overall feel. With the amount of development being put into this wallet, we see potential for the wallet to gain increasing popularity – on top of its huge existing user base based on social media.

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