Beyond Protocol Is Rewarding EV Users With Crypto When They Charge Their Cars

Beyond Protocol has unveiled its latest use case which is rewarding EV owners when they charge their cars. The layer 0 token which uses the power of the blockchain and nodes combined to provide the highest level of security for device owners has now moved into the electric vehicle arena. These vehicles which can cost a pretty penny are now able to earn for their owners by doing a basic function.

Beyond Protocol Rewards For Charging

Beyond Protocol has announced that it is launching BPEV$. This is a layer 2 token that will be used in the recently launched rewards program by the protocol. When electric vehicle users charge their cars at charging stations that partner with Beyond Protocol, they get rewarded in BPEV$ tokens.

The program comes with a hardware wallet that will be installed inside the cars. All of the cryptocurrencies (BPEV$ tokens) earned from charging activities are sent to this wallet, which the owner can access. These tokens can then be held by the EV owners, sold, or exchanged for other digital assets or fiat currencies.

Beyond Protocol has already partnered with some heavy hitters in the industry to get its product out there. Most notable of these are Stripe, DoorDash, and Cisco.

The project boasts a robust team of experts who come from various industries. Together, these team members are delivering one of the most secure products in the blockchain space. Beyond Protocol’s team includes Standford engineers, execs from IBM, Qualcomm, Amazon, and Warner Bros.

Security Meets Profitability

Beyond Protocol’s latest use case is one of an endless supply of use cases. The protocol renders devices unhackable using the power of the blockchain and nodes combined with a single line of code. It essentially makes devices impenetrable. It tackles issues that plague the ‘Internet of Things’ and the decentralized applications (DApps) development space.

One of the major challenges that face any new sector like the blockchain industry is insecurity due to the technology being new. Countless projects have fallen to attacks from hackers whereby the protocols and their users lose millions. Beyond Protocol removes this vulnerability by revoking all unauthorized access. It is highly flexible and works across devices to keep them safe using blockchain and hardware signatures.

Since the blockchain is an immutable public ledger that creates a reliable permanent record of all activity, Beyond Protocol uses hardware signatures to securely identify each network device. This way, the protocol can permit a safe basis for collaboration between devices in a trusted environment.

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