Big Data Is Broken and Cirus Is Here to Fix It

Big data is all the rave in the analytics space. It may not be on the radar of the average internet user, but it is on the radar of the big corporations, which is why they pay top dollar for the data. One problem with big data is while it may aid in marketing strategies and such, the owner of the data does not get a say in how it is used. Most times, they do not even know that their data is being gathered.

The fact that the user has no idea that their data is being used ultimately means that they do not benefit from its use. This is why Cirus exists, to fundamentally change the way big data is collected, used, and paid for. Instead of the big corporations making all of the money from the use of big data, the owners of this data are able to benefit as well.

Turn Your Data Into Currency

  • Data is arguably the new oil. It is an important part of any industry, providing a big leg-up for corporations who have more data over others. However, the owners of the data often do not see the proceeds from it, nor do they have a say in how their data is collected. Cirus aims to change this by putting the users in complete control of their data, while compensating them for it.

By paying the owners of the data, Cirus aids in redistributing the wealth that would otherwise stay concentrated at the top of the food chain. Web 3.0 is fast-becoming mainstream and the only way it works is if each user is in charge of their data.

Using Cirus, users will be able to own and monetize their data. It uses multiple tools for this, starting with the Cirus Browser Extension (available now for Chrome, Edge and others). Additionally, a dedicated web browser, mobile apps and a hardware wifi router will give the user complete ownership and control of all the data they generate.

Cirus Aims For The Moon

The Cirus platform launches in 2022, perfectly timed with the rise of Web 3.0. Cirus is aiming well past the goal of data monetization, which is just step one. Bringing big data, and its value into Web 3.0 will act to expand the entire industry, as all that value trickles into new services and opportunities in the digital economy. Cirus is aiming to connect users directly with Web 3.0 through their data, and be that conduit for huge expansion by enabling you to earn from and leverage your native digital asset.

It starts with a web extension that users can place on their browser which compensates them for their data while they surf the web. It is similar, in a way, to Brave’s browser project where users of the browsers are rewarded with BAT tokens for the ads that they encounter while using the browser.

Since its launch, the browser extension has garnered well over 5,000 downloads. It is fast becoming a must-have extension for those who want to start making passive income while they go about their internet business.

Cirus has ambitious plans for the expansion and adoption of their ecosystem in 2022. This is above and beyond their standing order for Cirus devices that will onboard millions of users through an Internet Service Provider. They’re sure to see huge growth into the millions of users this year as adoption is taking off.

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