Big Eyes Coin Adopts Interoperability Like ChainLink Surpassing FTX To Become The Best Meme Token To Buy

The survival of any crypto project lies with its crypto community. It must earn and maintain a certain level of trust with its users to thrive. Once it loses this trust, there is a high risk of the project closing down.

This is what happened within the FTX platform. Despite being one of the largest crypto exchanges, it crumbled when its users started leaving. This large volume of exits was due to broken trust and transparency issues.

Big Eyes Coin will not follow this path. On the contrary, it intends to carry its users along with its operations. It has given its crypto community governance rights to decide how it will manage the project.

In this article, we will discuss features that make Big Eyes unique. We will also briefly compare Big Eyes with Chainlink and FTX.

Big Eyes Coin – An Ecosystem With Next- Generation Utilities

Operations within the Big Eyes ecosystem are distinct from other meme projects. Some of these include a well-defined whitepaper with achievable goals. These goals will be the driving force behind its operations throughout the next decade. Some of these goals include:

The Biggest Meme Community

The Big Eyes whitepaper has highlighted the steps it will take to grow its crypto community. This growth will be in four main stages; the crouch, the leap, the run, and the catwalk.

In each phase of development, it will grow its crypto in of active users by a certain percentage. The project hopes to grow its community to 50,000 within a short space of time.

Blockchain Interoperability

Interoperability is the goal of every crypto project. This is because it increases the platform’s scope, allowing a broader audience to take advantage of its features. Interoperability also allows the project to offer unique features to its users.

Luckily, Big Eyes has unlocked interoperability for its users. It will integrate this protocol into a decentralized crypto exchange. This will favor its users to enjoy cross-chain swaps.

Merchandise Store

Big Eyes will launch a merchandise store to get its community involved and publicize itself. This store will offer physical and digital products its users can utilize. These items will have Big Eyes branding and help create awareness of its features.

Cat-Themed NFTs

Cat-themed NFTs will be an integral part of the Big Eyes ecosystem. Its NFT marketplace intends to grow to have the rarest cat NFT collections.

The Big Eyes NFT marketplace will utilize its native ERC-20 cryptocurrency to power all transactions. This increased usage will help raise the value of BIG tokens. The increased BIG value will reward individuals who buy and hold tokens over time.

Big Eyes Next To ChainLink

Big Eyes has some predecessors that have embraced interoperability. One of these projects is ChainLink.

ChainLink was designed for blockchain-based projects to get accurate data from the real world. These data are processed and transferred to the blockchain for use.

A diverse network of developers can access its features because of its interoperability. These can then integrate reliable real-world data into their project.

ChainLink utilizes LINK, its ERC-20 cryptocurrency, as fuel for transactions. This cryptocurrency powers fees and rewards.

Like ChainLink, Big Eyes will be interoperable. It will grant its users access to the different ecosystems and enjoy their features.

Big Eyes Coin Next To FTX

Big Eyes intends to be a better project than FTX. It will achieve this in several ways. One such is by remaining transparent and decentralized.

Another improvement of Big Eyes over FTX includes the promotion of non-custodial wallets. Crypto wallets like Metamask and Trustwallet provide decentralized on-chain storage of assets. Their users own their wallets’ private keys and can better secure their assets.

Join Big Eyes Through Its Token Presale

Since August 2022, the door to join Big Eyes has been opened. This is through the acquisition of BIG tokens, its ERC-20 cryptocurrency.

Buying BIG during the presale requires you to have an ERC-20 wallet. The next step involves funding the wallet with Ethereum, Binance, or TetherUSD tokens.

After funding, visit the Big Eyes presale website and connect your wallet. After successfully connecting the wallet, input your purchase size and approve the transaction.

Big Eyes will be the best meme token ever to enter this space. Buy the presale to gain early access to this fantastic project and enjoy its benefits.

Check the video for more on this exciting coin.

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Big Eyes Coin (BIG)





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