Big Eyes Coin And The Sandbox – Top Ethereum Projects That Could Make you Crypto Millionaires Despite Issues Unlike FTX

Since the beginning of November 2022, the FTX platform has experienced significant scrutiny. This issue arose over the mismanagement of users’ funds. When crypto enthusiasts brought this lapse to light, users and investors panicked and pulled out their funds. This led to the forced resignation of some workers. Even Sam Bankman-Fried, the CEO of FTX, got replaced by a new person.

Many financial analysts linked the collapse of the exchange to FTX’s lack of transparency. Previous FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried did not reveal the project’s actual state to his users, which led to significant loss on their part.

The Big Eyes Coin crypto project intends to be different. Unlike FTX, it will be fully transparent and carry its members with every development. This article will discuss ways Big Eyes will improve over pre-existing projects. We will also briefly compare Big Eyes with FTX and Sandbox.

Big Eyes – The Best Community-Driven Meme Project

Meme projects have long been known for their high community involvement. They are driven by their crypto community, which promotes FOMO. Big Eyes Coin has taken an added step to ensure its community stays in charge.

The Big Eyes project will achieve full transparency by giving its users governance rights. With these rights, its crypto community takes an active part in deciding the future of the project. These users can submit and vote on proposals passed in the ecosystem.

Governance rights are issued by allocating BIG, its ERC-20 cryptocurrency. Once the Big Eyes project launches, it will have released 90% of its crypto assets to its community. During the presale, it will sell 70% of BIG tokens. It will also dedicate 20% of its tokens to crypto exchange.

Additional Features Of Big Eyes Coin

Big Eyes plans to offer utilities other than being transparent and community-managed. Some of these will help improve the environment; others will help users make money.

Big Eyes has dedicated 5% of its funds to charity organizations to improve the environment. It also promises to make subsequent donations to charitable organizations. It has been making frequent donations to different charity organizations to prove its worth. These donations have been made even as Big Eyes is still in presale.

In addition to its charity moves, Big Eyes opens opportunities for its users to earn money. This includes its reflective reward program offered to all BIG holders. This protocol shares 50% of all transaction fees among all token holders.

Big Eyes Coin FTX And Sandbox

Sandbox operates on Ethereum as an NFT-powered gaming platform. It hosts its metaverse and invites its users to own virtual NFT assets.

Users within the Sandbox ecosystem must own SAND tokens to complete transactions. Owning ETH tokens to cover gas fees on the Ethereum blockchain is also essential.

FTX started as a crypto exchange. Its growth was rapid as it became one of the top centralized exchanges by transaction volume. The FTX platform opened doors to different forms of crypto trading. These include the regular spot and futures offered by most CEX platforms. In addition, FTX supported trading Derivatives and leveraged tokens.

Big Eyes will have close similarities with the Sandbox project. Like Sandbox, it will leverage Ethereum to thrive. Using Ethereum, it will host its NFT trading platform. This platform will allow it to host the most diverse NFT collection in this space. Its goal for this platform is to make it rank among the top 10 NFT platforms.

Big eyes will learn from FTX. It will be transparent and view its users as vital to itself. Big Eyes will leverage its additional projects to diversify its operation. This diversification will help BIG tokens gain value and strength.

The Big Eyes Coin Presale

Since Big Eyes began its presale in August 2022, it has recorded tremendous success. Raising over $9 million in its presale, it has become one of the most successful crypto startup projects. To benefit from its success, join the project by buying the presale.

You’d need a Metamask wallet with ETH, USDT, or BNB tokens to buy the presale. After funding, visit the big eyes website and connect your wallet with the presale portal. Initiate a transaction with the amount you are willing to spend on the presale.

Big Eyes has lots of things in store for its users. It will help its users raise money and improve their financial status. Join this train today, and you might reap significant rewards.

Check out this video for more on this lucrative token.

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