Big Eyes Coin Is A Unique Token Like Enjin Coin (ENJ), Striving To Protect One Of The World’s Most Important Ecosystem And Spread The Outreach Of Decentralized Finance

Enjin Coin (ENJ) is a coin that makes NFTs easier to use for brands, businesses, and individuals. The ecosystem lets you back the values of minted NFTs directly with the Enjin Coin (ENJ). There are many other ecosystems with spectacular functions like that of the Enjin Coin (ENJ), and Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is even more spectacular with its function to better establish the powers of DeFi and keep water bodies safe.

Big Eyes (BIG) is an ecosystem with a goal to shift wealth into the hands of its decentralized community and work together towards a common aim of ocean protection. The ecosystem self-propagates itself to ensure that all elements on the platform are dedicated to generating wealth and achieving its goal. In addition, the platform will use NFTs to garner hyper-growth and make the ecosystem valuable enough for enthusiasts to board.

The NFTs of the platform will be in the form of art that captures the aquatic life in our ocean bodies. This will be to ensure BIG users get the full scope of what they’re trying to save with the platform’s visible charity wallet. Additionally, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) will work together with influencers on social platforms and boulder holders to ensure the NFTs enter the top ten NFTs projects ever known.

With this, the platform will be able to scale in value with its tokens and be as valuable as the Enjin coin (ENJ). It’ll also help the platform amplify the benefits of decentralized finance and help reach a wider audience than the 1% it currently covers.

Big Eyes (BIG) To Be As Valuable As Enjin Coin (ENJ) As It Implements Its Features Over Time

With its features, the Big Eyes Coin token (BIG) is on a mission to become one of the most valuable tokens on the coin market. The platform will work with big names in the cryptocurrency space to breathe life into its tokens and NFTs and also help create its meta. In addition, Big Eyes will be a hype-ship such that it gets named the meme token of the year to attract more investors.

However, it won’t be only about the hype as the platform is committed to giving value to its users; hence actions will be seen on the platform from day one. The developers believe small steps lead to giant strides, and users will benefit from every action done on the platform.

In its bid to increase its outreach and be as big as Enjin coin (ENJ), the ecosystem will have a merchandise section that sells both digital and physical merchandise. This will help fundraise for the project and also contribute to the charity wallet to save the ocean. Furthermore, Big Eyes (BIG) will hold special events where NFTs will be the pass to attend. As established, they’ll be NFTs about life in the ocean to create better awareness for its cause.

The remaining 99% of the world’s population that haven’t experienced DeFi will have the opportunity to do so through laid-out plans by Big Eyes Coin (BIG). These include back-end systems, Big Eye Swap, tutorials, and “how-tos” that explain and simplify the concept of Defi to everyone willing to learn.

Values Of The Big Eyes Ecosystem

The Big Eyes platform is themed after a cat with cute and wide eyes, and you’ll be coming across the characteristics of a cat in the platform’s value. These include activeness, playfulness, sociability, determination, and well-planned actions.

As an active platform, the crypto ecosystem is always ready to act on its goals with determination and well-planned actions. Therefore, its sociability will be targeted at communication, sharing, and transparency about everything happening in the ecosystem. This is where playfulness comes in, too, because the community will ensure its users always smile regardless of the situation.

Food For Thought

Purchase Big Eyes Coin token (BIG) to explore a system with endless possibilities for wealth generation and a common goal of saving a vital world ecosystem. In addition, the platform seeks to be around for long to make enough potential profits for its investors.


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