Big Eyes Coin Is About To Hit The Market. But Can It Match The Sucess Of Cardano and Theta Network?

Markets are down more than half of their original price points, and the recent shenanigans don’t help its cause. It’s times like these that we glance over projects which can build a reputation.

With that said, today, you will uncover what makes Big Eyes Coin (BIG) distinct and how it stacks against market leaders such as Cardano (ADA) and Theta Network (THETA). So, let’s go through them right now!

Everything To Learn About Cardano

The first token on our list goes by Cardano (ADA). If you’ve been active in the crypto community, then you’ve probably at least heard about it by now. ADA and on-chain DeFi projects were built to solve the scalability issues in the different blockchains. Charles Hopkins, a certified professor at the University of Colorado, developed it.

Later on, its development was handled by Cardano Foundation, and many VCs, including EMURGO, looked over the funding. Ultimately by the end of 2015, its blockchain went operational. ADA was launched to compete with the DeFi projects of its time.

Its main competitor is the Ethereum (ETH) network, which wants to work over this protocol as a whole. This is possible thanks to its unique Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus, which helps ADA carry out robust transactions and implement on-chain governance.

Everything To Learn About Theta Network

The next stellar cryptocurrency in our review is Theta Network (THETA). Like ADA, it’s a utility token that incentivizes real-world use cases. THETA was founded by someone named Mitch Lu, who was also behind several decentralized projects.

Now THETA was created to power the entertainment industry. Using such protocol, users can enjoy secure and fast streaming services and help out their favorite content creators. This cuts the middleman and allows for better service all around. THETA is also a big supporter of decentralization in a true sense.

As far as tokenomics goes, there are a total of 1 billion THETA tokens, with less than half in current circulation. Its previous ATH was seen in august 2021 when 1 THETA equated to $15.9.

Everything To Learn About Big Eyes Coin

Meme tokens are finally getting the recognition they desperately need, which is what Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is all about.

However, you will probably find it special when you compare it to something like DOGE. For once, it’s featured by Coinsniper and other reputable market regulators, which means there shouldn’t be any questions about its transparency. This is great as it could help restore the trust deficit you commonly see in crypto.

Furthermore, BIG is a multi-niche project. That means you could see its entire NFT projects in the coming years. Like many meme tokens, BIG does have a maximum token limit, and according to its white paper, this number is locked at 200 billion coins.

How to Purchase Big Eyes Coin During Presale?

Out of the 200 billion BIG tokens that could circulate the market soon, everyone has a chance to grab them for themselves. All you need to do is visit their presale site and connect your digital wallet.

Once that’s done, choose a trading pair such as BNB and select how many BIG coins you would like to hold. These will be available to withdraw as soon as the presale is finished.

In the end, tokens like BIG are a fresh breath of air, especially in the current market. If the team behind this project works on its roadmap, there is a probability that it could receive the same success that tokens such as Cardano and Theta Network have seen.

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