Big Eyes Coin Nets $35.5M Ahead Of Its Launch — Solana And Toncoin On Alert

Calendars are marked and alarms are set as Big Eyes Coin counts down until its final presale wrap-up on June 3. With exactly a month left from its final presale day and $35.5 million funds in, the crypto market is all eyes and ears, causing a stir in the Solana and Toncoin backyards.

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The Cat’s Out Of The Bag: Big Eyes Will Launch On June 15!

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has been making big waves since its first week of presale, generating global attention and inciting excitement. Now on its 13th stage (and many moons after), BIG plans to wrap up its presale journey on June 3.

From then on, the Big Eyes Coin community will have less than a fortnight until its official debut on the blockchain scene. On June 15, $BIG token holders get to relish exciting perks like a $0.0006 token price, partnerships, tier 1 DEX listing, and tax-free transactions.

In the meantime, the Big Eyes team taunts its Kitty Cuddlers with the END300 code where they get to boost their asset by 300% on every purchase. On top of that, $BIG token holders can also use up the Double Up promo. This extended five-day offer gets investors a 25% deposit — bonus on top of the 300% bonus! This essentially means that if you bought a token for $100 at stage 13, you’re sure to get a whopping 1,891.89 in $BIG.

Solana’s Force Bolsters With Amy By Its Side

Solana (SOL) is leveling up its game by integrating an open-source plugin with OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot, providing its users with a seamless and intuitive experience with natural language processing capabilities for various transactions. With Amy, the crypto AI user assistant, navigating complex functions like monitoring wallet balances, token prices, projects, and historical events is a breeze.

Despite Solana’s 0.91% dip in the market on Wednesday, the community remains unfazed, as its recent venture makes it a force to be reckoned with. While the emerging Big Eyes Coin might catch some attention, it’ll have a hard time competing with Solana’s cutting-edge technology and innovative features.

Toncoin Meets The Bears

Toncoin, the crypto with big dreams of mass adoption and usability, has been struggling to keep its head above water in the current bearish market. The bulls are putting up a valiant fight to keep the TON/USD price afloat, but it seems that they are no match for the resistance line, causing the crypto to plummet to $2.12.

Nevertheless, TON is not out for the count yet, as it still holds a hefty $2.58 billion market cap and a new token bridge feature to attract more users to their TONDeFi ecosystem. However, with the emergence of Big Eyes Coin as a new challenger, will Toncoin’s efforts suffice or will it have to power through to avoid a possible outpacing action?

With just a month left until its debut, Big Eyes Coin is revving up to show off its fun and profitable potential. While Solana and Toncoin may be established heavy hitters in the crypto game, let’s not overlook the potential of Big Eyes Coin. After all, the project has won over a growing army of Kitty Cuddlers in less than a year, with its community eagerly anticipating an earlier launch date — which BIG happily complied.

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