BiKi lists Polkally (KALLY) a decentralized marketplace for NFTs, powered by EVM-based blockchains as well as Polkadot and IPFS


The Polkally team fundraised $1,100,000 USD at the beginning of the year. The project has been incubated by EuraTechnologies, the largest accelerator for startups in France and the third biggest in the whole Europe. The project’s total supply has been lowered from 100,000,000 to 95,000,000 tokens

The Project has a listing of impressive backers: ExNetwork Capital, Titans Ventures, Bigcoin Capital, Blocksync Ventures, Logino Dujardin, x21 Digital, Kyros Ventures, Moondot Capital, SMO Capital, LVT Capital and ICO Pantera.

Polkally stands out from the rest of the NFT marketplaces as it solves the lack of interoperability and resilience in the existing NFT marketplaces. Some of the key features that made KALLY so prominent is that it has Decentralized KYC, based on IPFS. It has a dynamic auction system to sell artworks at the best price. The coolest feature of KALLY is that the NFTs are exchangeable for physical artworks, thanks to its partnerships with private art galleries. The upcoming Polkally DAO allows token holdes to participate in the whole decision-making process.

In its route map and plans, there will be more partnerships with influencers (from the CeFi world) as well as private art galleries and artists will be organized once our V1 is made available.

$KALLY gets more and more rare over time as a native token burn incentive will be applied to the Polkally protocol, burning a small part of the total supply at each transaction.

“BiKi is a decent Centralized Exchange whose reputation has never been tarnished and that’s exactly what we’re looking for: an honest and transparent platform, without washtrading, thus making sure the community gets the best. This is also what we [at Polkally] are fighting for.”–Chloé Bigot, Polkally CEO.

“With the recent trends of NFT marketplaces, Polkally’s position with its competitive advantages and interoperability, looks to deliver KALLY’s value, we are excited about this partnership and making it accessible to BiKi users” Ethan Ng, BiKi CEO Southeast Asia

This partnership will allow the Polkally team to develop the liquidity of the KALLY token while bringing more investors to their project.

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