Binamon Skyrockets as Users Burn 7% Of Circulating Supply in just 48H


The Binamon token(BMON) continues to cause ripples in the non-fungible token (NFT) gaming industry. In under 48 hours since launch, its users have burned 7% of the token’s circulating supply.

The feat currently makes $BMON the most traded NFT in the gaming industry space and the newest X100 gem this month. $BMON’s impressive performance is an indicator of the users’ growing confidence in the project.

$BMON’s Deflationary Mechanism

The token burn translates into a movement of more than 10 million $BMON out of the total 150

million $BMON available. In the process, the users bought more than 59000 booster packs issuing 177070 monsters NFTS.

A booster pack costs 200 $BMON and attracts a little BNB in gas fees. The project burns 200 $BMON with every purchase making the NFTs scarcer hence more valuable.

Each $BMON halving raises the prices of the booster packs. The resulting token burn thus builds on its deflationary characteristics.

Binamon’s Binance Listing

$BMON’s performance has seen it court the attention of many centralized exchanges. That said, Binamon emphasizes listing on Binance and the best crypto exchanges. This way, the project will guarantee users the best trading experiences.

The project emphasizes Listing on Binance because of its advantages. The exchange is a truly global marketplace offering easy P2P exchanges in a wide variety of cryptos and fiat. Additionally, it charges minimal fees.

Betting On The $BMON Community

Binamon owes its success to its strong community. The project has a growing army of players in the United States and Europe. Additionally, it has made inroads into China, where it has a vibrant community too.

Binamon’s unique product can only translate into the growth of its community. So to build on the numbers, it is rewarding its users with a world prize of $1,000,0000 in ultra-rare NFTs.

Further, it will soon unveil another of its exclusive features, the Binamon battle mode.

What’s in Binamon’s Battle Mode?

The battle mode is a PVP platform that allows players from across the globe to fight against each other. They will stake their NFTs to compete with one another, attracting $2500 in rewards.

A Booster smart contract will manage the battles between the players. The stronger one’s Binamon is, the higher their winning chances are. So besides rewarding the winners, the contract will burn a portion of the reward.

Bringing Valuable NFTs To Crypto Market

Binamon defines itself as a metaverse of digital monsters living on the Binance Smart Chain. Its mission is to bring valuable NFTs to the crypto market.

The project’s users can mint BEP-721 NFTs using the platform’s native token, the $BMON and BEP-20 Booster Smart contracts. The smart contract enables you to create three distinctive NFTS, Alice, Battle Pets, and Polkamon.

The Ideal Investment

Its high deflationary aspects aside, the project’s $5 million cap and robust business model make it ideal for investing. In addition, the project’s strongest NFTs generate higher incomes increasing their value.

Further to the gaming aspects, players may use $BMON to trade assets in video games. They may also purchase products from the platform’s online shop, enter competitions and participate in its governance.

Binamon raised $1.4 million in its recently concluded seed and presale events.


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