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Why are Biotech Startups Trendy?

Avatar Gautham 2 years ago

Today biotechnology still remains the most attractive sector to go into. According to the industry analysts, we are observing a burgeoning biotech boom, which is going to peak during the next 5-10 years. Why should we remain bullish on biotech?

Biotech is continuing its road to recovery, and there is still plenty of room for the sector to advance. According to Grand View Research, Inc., the biotech sector registered a total market value of US $369.62 billion, by 2025 that figure is supposed to double and cross $727.1 billion. 2017 was a record year for biotech in terms of venture capital investments. Overall the biotech startups raised a record $11.5 billion in 2017, topping it with an extra of $2.5 in Q1 2018 with nearly US $4.5 billion coming from traditional VC. That is a 109% up in comparison to 2016, and we expect the sector to register to a stable annual growth rate of around 4.9%.

In September 2017, a serial entrepreneur Alexey Zhelyaskov founded GENEXI Biotech Accelerator, which operates at multiple scales and incorporates two components: a decentralised blockchain-based platform and a fully transparent grant-awarding foundation.

GENEXI platform is a digital space with a complex of high tech solutions, through which manufacturers, distributors and retailers can interact with each other by minimizing fraudulent activities of participants. GENEXI leadership regards that in the field of healthcare, the application of this business model will be more justified. The project’s primary purpose was to seek out and provide grant support to the most promising and in-demand biotech projects. GENEXI raises funds through crowdfunding, makes it possible to scale up any project.

Biotech startups of the future are focused on identifying ways to speed innovations from the lab to patients, consumers, and national security practitioners, showcasing current programs and research results, including work in synthetic biology, gene editing, personalized medicine, infectious disease management, and neurotechnology.

The world’s clinical presentation is primarily determined by deadly cardiovascular and oncological diseases, age, hereditary, and rare ailments. The global population is struggling with viral infections, aging, and aspires for longevity and healthy lifestyle. Advances in modern biotechnology have made it possible to diagnose, control, and treat diseases. International cooperation and assistance remain crucial for the success of biotechnology.

“We get feedbacks from patients who find themselves on the brink of death and a particular drug can extend their lives. This pushes scientists and physicians to full-scale studies, financed by various investment funds and institutions, “ – says the medical adviser of GENEXI, a member of the National Medical Chamber, the Russian Society of Dermatovenerologists and Cosmetologists, Alexander Novoselov. According to Alexander, the market can grow exponentially over the next decade. The most “trendy” and commercially attractive directions in the field of biotechnology are genomics, pharmacogenomics, and methods for determining the primary structure of proteins and nucleic acids – sequencing.

“To assess the prospects of a particular project, it is necessary to estimate the market volume and the competitive environment. Investments in biotech companies can produce enormous benefits. But without successful project identification, team and product analysis, preparation and implementation, development plans are no more than wishes. Now is the right time to raise funds in order to combat deadly diseases, “ Mr. Zhelyaskov said.

On May 1, GENEXI began selling GEN tokens, which are a necessary part of the ecosystem’s operations. Tokens may be acquired through July 31, 2018. During this time, the project plans to raise a total of 20 to 70 million dollars. The funds raised will be put toward the development, testing, and launch of the biotech accelerator, as well as toward implementing the grant program.

About the project

GENEXI team is comprised of specialists in biological and financial technologies, asset management, IT and telecommunications. The GENEXI ecosystem is a digital space with a complex of high tech solutions, through which manufacturers, distributors and retailers can interact with each other. From May 1 to July 31, 2018, the project will raise capital through crowdfunding. The tokenholders will be eligible for bonuses. The period from May 1 to May 31 will be the most beneficial for tokenholders: in this case, the bonus will be 20%, from June 1 to June 14 – 17%, from June 15 to June 28 – 9%, from June 29 to July 12 5%, and 2% until the end of the initial coin offering. In total during crowdfunding GENEXI plans to collect from 20 to 70 million dollars. 60% of funds will be allocated to the grant program, the rest – to the infrastructure system development, as well as testing, launching and project development. Upon reaching a hardcap of 70 million dollars, GENEXI will allocate 3 grants for a total of 100,000 dollars on simplified terms to biotech labs and companies that had expressed the willingness to become GENEXI Biotech Accelerator partners before the end of crowdfunding.



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