Biser Prepaid Card and App Now Available


After a successful ICO campaign that raised 6 million from 2000 contributors, Biser is ready to open applications for its revolutionary card. The latter will represent the first-ever cryptocurrency prepaid card in China, available to use exactly like any other credit or debit card. A first step towards better inclusion of cryptocurrency as an actual currency that can be used to pay for everyday products and services.

Crypto enthusiasts will enjoy this whole new level of crypto usability, with payments enabled at a global level. Prepaid cardholders will be able to deposit their cryptocurrency of choice with a simple tap of a button, available to then spend at over 42 million points of acceptance both online and offline. Almost 200 countries already allow the Biser card to be utilized as any other card, making it the ideal solution for those who travel often and wish to use their crypto as currency more frequently.

Those same individuals will also enjoy up to 4% rebate rewards and low transaction fees, making it easy and convenient to use over other cards. Applying for one is quite straightforward and takes a lot less time than when one applies for a traditional bank debit or credit card. The process consists of providing just a passport copy and proof of address, all submitted online via the website. A welcome move towards a digital and advanced solution to fully introduce cryptocurrencies as a currency alternative that keeps up with these technological times.

Alongside opening applications for the card, Biser has officially launched its innovative chat and payment app, now available for download. Users will be able to keep in contact with friends and family in a completely protected digital space, while also owning a mobile wallet that allows them to pay anyone at anytime and anywhere. Opening an account only takes a few minutes and the benefits one can gain from using it become clear from the start. The simple and clear user interface makes it easy to use for every person, while the variety of functionalities mean that one can cut down their app usage to only one application.

Biser aims to become the go-to app for both socializing and revolutionizing the way we pay for things in our day-to-day. Via the app, the user will be able to send up to 8 different cryptocurrencies to anyone around the world. While you can also use the simple chat feature to share media, send messages, voice call and video call your circle of friends and family. This function is completely anonymous and only the ones who know your personalized ID will be able to find you and contact you. Alongside every message being entirely private, ensuring that no third parties can see and share your personal information and chats. The connection between users communicating is established directly outside the server, guaranteeing complete encryption of all the transmitted data. Your messages and shared media will be ensured to remain between you and who you send it to.

A completely different way to run a social app that protects its users, differently from many other competitors.

Businesses will also be able to generate interest over their products and services organically by sharing updates and promotions via the app. Those following these messages might even benefit from exclusive discounts and promos that the business can share quickly and easily. It’s a whole new way of doing business that places customer experience and satisfaction first, encouraging long-lasting consumer relationships.

Crypto users will especially like the possibility to exchange tokens with any other cryptocurrency quickly and easily all on the same app. That way, you will never let your funds outside of reach, always being able to monitor the value of tokens and make smart decisions on them on time and with ease. Wishing to store multiple crypto wallets in the app? That’s also a possibility, thanks to the multi-chain wallet management feature. You’ll be able to create a wallet for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Bitcoin cash in just a few clicks. Safely back them up and you are ready to go.

The security of your funds is guaranteed thanks to the privacy of each wallet key, encrypted with AES-256 and stored offline. Meaning that no hackers will be able to intercept your money and make any alterations to your wallet. Every payment is carried out via smart contracts over the Ethereum platform.

99,5% of the users’ funds are kept in a safe cold storage that is secured with multi-signature technology. Another advantage that individuals who wish to turn their payment methods more modern but fear for the safety of the funds will be able to appreciate and be reassured by.

You can download the Biser app right now via Google Play and the App Store, while the Biser card can be requested via an application on the website.


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