Bitcoin Halving Countdown 100 Days: Celebrate With ViaBTC!

As the countdown to Bitcoin halving enters the final 100 days, this highly anticipated major event in the industry is drawing closer. This is a crucial juncture for both investors and miners. On the eve of this significant moment, ViaBTC, as a comprehensive global cryptocurrency mining pool, has specially launched a Bitcoin Halving Page, aiming to help users more accurately grasp the timing of the halving and understand the significance of Bitcoin halving more deeply.

In ViaBTC’s Bitcoin Halving Page, users can not only instantly grasp key information such as the halving countdown and remaining block numbers calculated based on the latest prediction models, but also participate in a series of rich welfare activities!

Snapshots of January’s Most Thrilling Events

Halving Knowledge Quiz: Win a share of 1200 USDT

During the event, users who visit ViaBTC’s Bitcoin Halving Page, click the link under the corresponding event, or follow ViaBTC’s official social media account (Twitter: @ViaBTC ), and participate in the online Bitcoin knowledge quiz, will have the chance to win a large USDT prize provided by ViaBTC.

Tip: If you encounter difficulties during the quiz, feel free to visit the ViaBTC Blog to find clues for the answers!

Capture your ViaBTC journey and claim your share of the 4000 USDT prize pool!

Throughout the event, we warmly encourage our users to share their unique mining experiences or intriguing stories at ViaBTC via video creation. The most creative video makers stand a chance to win impressive rewards from ViaBTC.

Snapshots of March’s Most Thrilling Events

Join Our Live Online AMA: Exploring the Potential Opportunities Post-Bitcoin Halving

With the Bitcoin halving on the horizon, miners are facing crucial decisions. To answer the most pressing concerns of miners at present, ViaBTC plans to invite experts from various sectors of the industry to deeply analyze the latest market dynamics, explore potential opportunities after Bitcoin halving, and aim to provide strategic assistance to miners, maximizing their benefits as much as possible during the halving period.

Surprising event, unveiled in March!

Without a doubt, this event promises to be an unprecedented and unique experience for each and every user. Keep an eye out for updates and don’t miss any of ViaBTC’s announcements. Get ready to uncover the secrets of this intriguing March event soon!

Snapshots of April’s Most Thrilling Events

Countdown with ViaBTC and share 1200 USDT

During the event, simply visit the ViaBTC official website or open the APP to enter the event page through a pop-up notification. This page not only provides a detailed review of the origins of Bitcoin, the impact of the first three halvings on market prices and hashrate, and the significant development history of the ViaBTC’s Bitcoin mining pool, but also features a real-time countdown to the Bitcoin halving. Users just need to share this page on social media, include the #ViaBTCHalving hashtag, and tag @ViaBTC to have a chance to participate in a giveaway and share in 1200 USDT of exclusive prize money.

BTC Price Forecasting Challenge: Who Will Emerge as the Prediction Champion?

During the event, users can participate in daily BTC price guessing. Users just need to submit their prediction for that day’s BTC price, and the next day ViaBTC will announce the accurate price based on market data. The user whose prediction is closest to the actual price will win a substantial USDT prize provided by ViaBTC.

Share your exclusive halving achievements and split the 2000 USDT prize!

During the event, ViaBTC will create exclusive achievement posters for all miners who have mined BTC on the platform. Users only need to share this poster on social media, use the #ViaBTCHalving hashtag and tag @ViaBTC to participate in the giveaway and win exclusive USDT rewards.

To learn more about the event details, please visit our special page website [Bitcoin Halving], and pay attention to announcement updates. Let’s countdown together and witness a new chapter in Bitcoin history!


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