Bitcoin Is One Of The Best-Performing Assets YTD: Could You Make 100x Gains On Doge Uprising, Pomerdoge, Or Chancer?

Bitcoin is one of the best-performing assets year to date, outdoing ETH, Nasdaq, Gold, and S&P500 by a landslide:

BTC: +80% YTD
ETH: +35% YTD
S&P500 +10% YTD
Gold: +6% YTD

Considering that this year has been plagued by recession fears, increased interest rates, and rising geopolitical concerns, Bitcoin’s success is an impressive achievement. Following these statistics, it’s likely that many investors who previously considered Bitcoin and crypto, in general, a high-stakes investment, might start warming to the investment opportunity. To prove this, a majority of the crypto market is in the green this week, showing a boost in investor confidence.

Presale coins Doge Uprising ($DUP), Pomerdoge ($POMD), and Chancer ($CHANCER) are all in the early stages of their project journeys. This means that they have the potential to make huge 100x gains if the project takes off. As investor attention is drawn to crypto, which one of these presales is most likely to stand out from the crowd?

What Makes Pomderdoge An Exciting New Crypto Project?

Pomerdoge has given the popular ‘doge’ theme a playful twist by incorporating a Pomeranian instead of Shiba Inu. It has already raised $3.3M in its presale and is looking very promising for early investors. Setting this new coin apart from other meme coins is its ecosystem that incorporates games, NFTs, and an incentive system. The Pomerdoge creators made this coin with their community in mind, creating a project that incorporates enjoyable gameplay and user rewards.

The token $POMD powers the Pomerdoge ecosystem and fuels all activities on the platform. When users acquire $POMD, they unlock NFTs, engage with the Pomerdoge token marketplace, and gain exclusive access to in-game rewards. $POMD is also a meme token, attracting the wide audience of meme-coin-lovers to the presale.

How Is Chancer Causing A Stir In The Meme Coin Community?

The Chancer token, $CHANCER, powers a real-world use case which has proven very popular with crypto investors. Its innovative betting platform, combining conventional and social betting, is attracting more users and thereby increasing the token value. Chancer’s presale has now raised over $2.3M.

As well as its betting platform, Chancer draws users in through the prospect of passive income generation. Users who create custom P2P markets and share the platform are rewarded. This makes the platform attractive beyond its betting features and will help boost the token value.

New Crypto Doge Uprising Could Be The Next 100x Coin

Just hitting the presale market is Doge Uprising, an exciting new project hoping to wow investors. Standing this coin out from the crowd is its immersive web3 community, NFT collection, interactive manga series, and smart staking opportunity. The coin takes its users to a dystopian 2045 world and imagines a technological uprising against Mark Zuckerberg. Users can buy NFTs to become Doge Mecha pilots themselves and unlock exclusive content.

The whole ecosystem is powered by the incredible $DUP token, acting as the pumping heart of the project. With such an exciting roadmap ahead it’s likely that this project will attract the attention of investors. This is a crypto presale like no other, hoping to rewrite meme coins and completely change the game.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Doge Uprising, follow the links below!

Doge Uprising ($DUP):


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