Bitcoin Price Prediction As The Hideaways Pre-Sale Takes Off

With The Hideaways pre-sale in full swing and investors looking extremely likely to be handsomely rewarded, many are looking at price predictions for Bitcoin. As the dominant force in the market, investors are conscious of how it can influence the entire crypto market. While there is no certainty with any prediction, analysts have made their best guesses based on current market activity and general market trends.

The Hideaways pre-sale has been immensely popular, with investors clearly understanding the real-world utility of the project and its potential in disrupting a multi-trillion dollar industry. Analysts expect the price to increase from current levels to over $1 by the end of pre-sale as investor excitement continues to build, meaning early pre-sale investors will see 10,000% gains at token launch.

The general consensus seems to be that Bitcoin’s growth will be limited to small surges in the next 12 months due to the wider economic climate post-Covid and its current market cap. Investors in the US and across Europe are feeling the pinch from record inflation levels, with Citi Bank expecting the UK’s inflation to top out at 18%.

Beyond this year, some analysts believe that 2023 could be the year that brings the next breakout for Bitcoin, as more institutional investors begin to notice blockchain technology’s potential benefits. Investors are therefore looking at projects such as The Hideaways as they’re offering gains that Bitcoin does not seem able to offer.

Bitcoin Price Prediction By Top Analysts

Bitcoin’s price is currently stuck in a sideways range, after a 16% sell-off occurred on Friday, August 19. The lack of volume and lacklustre price action indicates that now is not the time to invest.

Investors seeking short term gains will want to avoid Bitcoin as recent trade set-ups indicate that any price increase could well be followed by a crash through key support barriers. Investors may therefore end up with short term losses rather than short term gains! With Bitcoin not looking attractive, investors will need to consider other coins in order to maximise their gains.

The Hideaways: Huge potential and an Interesting Alternative

There has been huge interest in The Hideaways project – understandably so in our opinion. The project is disrupting a $200+trillion indsutry and looks set to deliver huge gains for early backers.

With Bitcoin’s price predictions for the short term looking less than rosy, The Hideaways pre-sale looks set to reward early investors with significant gains.

The Hideaways project is allowing investors to purchase an interest in a luxury property from as little as $100. Investors will benefit from rental income and capital gain from the property itself, sell their fractionally owned NFT for a gain, earn passive income from staking rewards and, as a bonus, pre-sale investors will benefit from 5 additional NFTs minted for each of the first 5 portfolio properties. As an investment, it’s a no-brainer and the team are delivering huge returns for early supporters of their project. NFT value mirrors the value of theluxury property it’s linked to, providing investors with price security not usually seen in the crypto world. The Hideaways have created a project that protects investors from downside price movements whilst giving them multiple forms of rewards. Their NFT trading platform enables investors to switch from being invested in The Maldives one day to Bali the next to Monaco the day after. The real estate investment market will never be the same again!

Our recommendation? Invest as early as possible as the team are offering huge rewards during the pre-sale. The HDWY price is due to rise to over $1 from current levels, meaning an investment today could deliver gains of over 10,000%!

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