BitFreezer Launches Cold Wallet Mobile App Aimed To Replace Hardware Wallets


On May 31st, 2019, a cold crypto wallet mobile application with ultra-security features was officially introduced to both the App and Google Play Store. Known as BitFreezer, this innovative product allows users to create cold wallets and conduct crypto transactions within the confines of the app itself. This gives users the opportunity to leave behind their cold storage devices and perform all operations securely on their smartphone, effectively placing BitFreezer at the cutting edge of crypto technology.

Besides having a user-friendly interface, BitFreezers’s emphasis on hyper-security can be clearly seen through meticulous programming of the product. According to the development team, their main focus is to always have safety protocols revolving around the keys, whenever they are moved from a dormant to an active state. For example, in order to log in and access the server for conduction of crypto transactions, a user must first pass double encryption security. Whenever a user’s private keys are connected to the device, they must be placed in RAM, a highly secure storage location. Moreover, BitFreezer offers 4 layers of encryption for its users as well as internally engineered features such as decryption key location split, maximizing their social engineering protection.

While uber security is crucially important for the success of any crypto product, there are multiple other features that make BitFreezer stand out from other crypto wallet competitors. First of all, most other crypto wallets share your personal information with third parties; BitFreezer does not. Moreover, while other wallets often keep your keys on their servers, this platform sees none of your crypto information. In other words, you are in TOTAL and EXCLUSIVE control of your keys, unconditionally. Obviously, this will require the user to be attentive and responsible for the safety of their own assets. Regardless, this is much more progressive than the risk of getting hacked and potentially losing crypto assets because of hot wallet mobile apps or poorly-designed cold wallet competitors. Lastly, unlike other wallets, BitFreezer does not take a service fee for completing a transaction. The user must simply pay the cost of blockchain.


Alongside the innovation of the most secure crypto wallet available, the development team is already working on adding new features to be introduced in the upcoming months. As the cold wallet currently only accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and ERC 20 tokens, the mobile app will give users the opportunity to vote for the next token to be added on. Alongside this, users can see transaction history, exchange rates and other information on the BitFreezer web app. Furthermore, atomic swaps and lightning features are expected to be developed during Summer 2019, allowing users to exchange various cryptocurrencies within seconds. Overall, constant innovation alongside a full-proof product places BitFreezer among the leaders in crypto technology, prompting users to wonder if they really need their hardware wallets anymore.


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