Bitgert Backed Q-BRISE Set to Outshine Competitors with Launch of First Electric Car on April 3rd

Bitgert-backed Q-BRISE is set to change the game in the world of electric cars with the launch of its first electric car on April 3rd. The company has announced that it will release the details of the car on its website, which is expected to attract significant attention from investors and car enthusiasts alike.

The new electric car, which will compete with large car brands like Tesla, BYD, is expected to significantly increase the adoption of Bitgert coin and trigger more demand from investors, particularly from Ethereum, Shiba Inu, Polygon and Polkadot holders. The Q-BRISE Electric Car is an advanced car with features that will rival the best in the market.

This move by Q-BRISE is expected to outstand Bitgert from other cryptocurrencies as it showcases the versatility of Bitgert as a platform with real-world applications. Bitgert has been on a surge in value since February 8 due to the launch of the Bitgert Chain, the beta release of Bitgert Exchange, new partnerships and exchange listings, and the launch of Bitgert Startup Studio program. The launch of Q-BRISE and the introduction of its electric car is a significant milestone for Bitgert, which will pave the way for more exciting developments in the Bitgert roadmap V2, including decentralized marketplaces, OS, and Paybrise. It is also expected to attract more investors to Bitgert, which has been experiencing a +200% increase in August and is expected to perform even better in September.

In conclusion, the upcoming launch of Q-BRISE’s first electric car is set to shake up the electric car market and position Bitgert as a leader in the cryptocurrency space. With this move, investors can expect to see an increase in demand for Bitgert coin, and the cryptocurrency is poised to continue on its upward trajectory.



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