Bitquence Crowdsale Underway, 40% to Goal

Bitquence Releases New BQX Token Demo Videos And New Bonus Leaderboard Released
23 June, Singapore, Bitquence is gaining momentum as it reaches 40% of its goal. Additionally, Bitquence is releasing details of a bonus leaderboard campaign for large contributors. The top contributor gets 100,000 bonus BQX tokens and free transaction fees for life.  The next 99 receive a bonus of 10,000 BQX as well as 1 year of free transactions.
The Mobile Liquidity Token
BQX is a next generation token that will enable instant diversification across multiple cryptocurrencies. BQX enables rapid diversification to virtually any digital currency by allowing users to create “baskets” of coins. Also, BQX can be staked on the outcome of different digital assets and rewards users for accurate predictions and provides valuable insight into market sentiment. Bitquence has released many demos showing a user experience walkthrough to show these new token features. BQX is designed to be a mobile, on-the-go liquid token inspired by companies like Ripple and Paypal.
BQX Thank you Bonux
Bitquence is offering special incentives to the Top 100 Participants, including bonus BQX tokens, free transactions and special physical gold and silver BQX tokens.  A live leaderboard is available on the Bitquence Crowdsale page:
The Bitquence Thank You Bonuses are viewable here on the crowdsale
Live Video Demos
Live video demonstrations of the platform front-end are available on one page here:
The demonstrations show:
1-Click AltFolio Purchases: BQX enables users to choose “baskets” of coins with a single click, such as big cap coins, privacy coins or ICO coins.
Instant Value Transfer: BQX is a mobile liquid token, designed to be easily sent via text message or email.
Proof of Stake Community Consensus: BQX can be used to stake predictions on whether to buy, hold or sell any coin or digital asset, providing unique community-powered insights.
Mobile BQX Wallet: Bitquence is built from the ground-up to be mobile first and friendly.
At the moment cryptocurrency collectors have to manage many wallets, making the process difficult. The platform aims to be “as liquid as Ripple and as easy as Paypal”.
One-click cryptocurrency purchases
Bitquence has sample baskets of tokens to help users diversify across currencies. Quick reference graphs show the performance  of baskets over time, and the user can see the rating of future performance through the proof-of-stake feature.
Proof of Stake Community Consensus
Holders of BQX can vote on a range of features such as its technical fundamentals to create quality and performance scores.
Send Value Via Text Message: Bitquence users will be able to text value via the BQX token.
The walkthrough series includes the following short videos:
Bitquence Platform Reveal
Bitquence Tokens & Proof of Stake Community Consensus Ratings
Bitquence Mobile Reveal – UI
Bitquence Token Texting
More information is available about the BQX token here:
Bitquence has a team of mobile technology and cryptocurrency experts with a vision to accelerate blockchain adoption for cryptocurrency investors. The cryptocurrency market stands at $100 billion today and is gaining momentum all the time creating an opportunity for the Bitquence solution. Bitquence lets you build a diversified portfolio easily, safely, securely offering deep cold storage for peace of mind.
BQX tokens will be available via a crowd sale from 28th June. BQX token holders will take ownership of an integral on-the-go global token that will power the platform’s network and drive instant, world-wide value transfer. Bitquence is the fun, easy, safe way to bring the new economy to everyone.
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