Bits Digit (BITSD) 50% profit-sharing Token sale started hurry up

  • BITS DIGIT Token is offering 50% profit-sharing in Bits Digit malty functional platform.
  • The first Exchange platform to provide 100% insurance on investors’ money with maximum safety features enabled.
  • On call immediate fund transfer
  • No limit on fund transfer for verified accounts
  • Account verifications in 1hr.
  • Merchant account for every user no extra verification.
  • Merchants can take payments in all coins listed in exchange and convert them in to USD/BTC automatically.
  • Merchant market for globe exposure.
  • Profit sharing every month.
  • ICO market for new startups.
  • Crypto to fiat conversion payment hubs for fiat to crypto, bank transaction, credit/debit card transactions.  
  • Decentralized Governance for Voting.

This all and much more beta testing is launching on Aug 10, 2017    

More info:

BITS DIGIT is a platform that can be thought of as a one Solution for all needs and shapes the foundation for the root of the economy: companies, startups, traders, customers, entrepreneurs and merchants into a viable market, combining all the elements into an ecosystem that can boost the mass adoption of blockchain technology.

This platform gathers all the financial properties into one place where users have control over their finances. They can manage transactions, integrate merchants’ payments, deposit funds and so much more.

-Bits digit will work with payment hubs by creating a network of payment partners across the globe. Which will help us in solving the liquidity issue.

-SME crowd funding. Which will help all those brilliant minds who cannot start their projects or business because banks financial organizations ask tons of documents, collaterals and interests.

So the brilliant idea which can change millions of the lives is dying every moment. People are killing their dreams.

Bits Digit have decided to help all those brilliant minds by SME crowdfunding which will help all kinds of projects like small factory or any small business.

Bits Digit wants to involve business at every level that’s why we have created merchant point of sale which will help many entrepreneurs to grow their business across the globe with minimal transaction charges and with all the liquidity options. We will create merchant market for global business exposure and payment gateway options with all the assets listed in the exchange so that all the transactions can be steeled in no time, it will help many small business to get globalized.

Crypto portfolio investment tool which will help those traditional investors who cannot trade in the exchange or don’t have time to do it so for them we are making prebuilt portfolios according to investors risk capacity anyone can buy or sell any portfolio by one click.

Late by the end on the year we will implement more features like

  • Peer-to-peer funding marketplaces
  • Insurance/Project voting, etc.
  • Multisignature Address Safety
  • Commodities / Retail assets
  • Biometrics Registration
  • ICO Market & Token Creation

The Bits Digit crowdsale is ending on Aug 31st, 2017. In order to take part, users will have to send minimum 1 ETH to BITSD Smart Contract.

For early adopters Bits Digit is offering Bonuses:

First week days -10%

Second Week days -5%

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