Bittrex Global Exchange to List Ndau for Long-term Holders


A growing number of institutional investors are accepting the fact that digital currencies are “here to stay.” Their main concern, however, still remains. Most digital currencies are hyper volatile and stable alternatives fail to capture the value in the fast-growing market.

The popular Bittrex Global exchange is set to list a new kind of digital asset that promises to solve this issue. Ndau is an “adaptive digital currency” that fills the current void for a better long-term store and can be held alongside Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Ndau is not a stablecoin since its price is not pegged to fiat currencies or commodities. The key to its stability and adaptability is in its built-in monetary policy. It works with demand driven supply where new ndau is only issued if supply is exceeded. On the flip side, the asset is designed to mitigate downside volatility thanks to an escalating burn fee that stabilizes the price in the event of a sell-off. Altogether, this allows ndau to maintain a price that is relatively stable while still benefiting from the overall market conditions.

The asset is also designed to incentivize long-term holders with passive income. By being implemented on a Delegated Proof of Stake blockchain, it rewards users who stake their ndau for predetermined periods of time. These stakers can choose to lock their funds in their own wallets, without the need for any third-party service. Once locked, they’re able to receive up to 15 percent per year in bonuses when staking for three years.

As an adaptive digital currency, ndau introduces Bittrex Global users to a hedge against volatility that is also a sustainable store of value. More so, it gives them the opportunity to earn passive income while doing so. The asset is currently priced at $17 with a market capitalization of $82 million. Bittrex Global currently counts on over $600 million in daily trading volume.




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