Blockchain Technology Breaks Down Borders – Travelchain Token Sale Launches Today

One of the thing that is so often said about blockchain technology is that it is helping to create a world without borders. A world that you can interact with in a truly global sense.

And with regards to money this has largely been true.

If you own a given cryptocurrency, owning it in France is not functionally different from owning it in Russia or Canada or Brazil. And there is no functional difference between a domestic transaction and an international transaction, because the idea is totally anachronistic.

Cryptocurrencies exist online and the borders are wherever the internet doesn’t exist, and that’s about it.

And the rise of this private, secure, and decentralized system has resulted in a tidal wave of innovations built off the technology.

But why has the world been so quick to adapt these new technologies?


Increased freedom

It may seem cliché but people don’t like to be told what to do. And they certainly don’t like being prevented from doing the things that they do want to do. Cryptocurrency being decentralized has made both of these things far harder for businesses, governments, and other interested parties. With the blockchain, the people doing the transactions are the ones that

And while this seems most immediately applicable to money (it is a currency after all), money touches every aspect of daily life. So the freeing of currency, by extension, frees up a litany of

their businesses to make the experience better and less expensive for customers.


Money is the root of all… good?

As money and information are freed from the constraints of government and other third parties, companies and individuals can work together on a more equal ground, using terms they agree to rather than terms they are forced to agree to. It is no up to individuals to decide exactly what they want to share, where, why and with whom.

Financial freedom is the base of just about any service that is trying to make money, the more cosntrained they are regarding how and where they can accept or send money, the more constrained they are in developing, expanding, and improving their service.

Cryptocurrency removes many of the rules and generally accepted financial practices.

As stated above, the biggest change is the borderless market.


A borderless market, a borderless you

In the developed world you are rarely constrained insofar as where you can travel – in theory anyway. But you are extremely constrained insofar as where you can bring your money. And, unfortunately, if you can’t bring your money somewhere that you are probably not going to be able to travel there for long.

This was the first major improvement to the life of travellers that cryptocurrency brought: with your financial life no longer constrained by borders, your travelling life is set free! Further the way blockchain works inherently protects you from being taken advantage of by the systems of corrupt governments and financial systems (whether their origin is in your home country or the one you are visiting).


Travelchain takes it to the next level

But travel is still not a completely liberated and decentralized market. Right now travel planning is completely dominated by Expedia and Priceline. A duopoly like this is naturally not leading to the kind of competitivity and freedom that exemplifies cryptocurrency and its ideals.

Worse, these companies collect data on you so as to understand your preferences and advertise to you, but you have extremely limited access to this data and almost zero control. They collect it, they use it, that’s the end of it.


Travelchain does something different. Just like how cryptocurrency put you in charge of your money, Travelchain is trying to put you in charge of your data.

And even better?

It rewards you for sharing it with companies – but only when you want to share your data!


The best of both worlds

No one knows better than you what kind of information about you and your travel interests is going to be best suited for helping travel companies give you the perfect offer. Travelchain put you in control and you get rewards just for sharing this data with the companies.

This not only puts you in control but also increases the competivity of travel startups and small agencies try to make it into a market that is essentially a duopoly.


Good for you, good for the market

Smaller and younger agencies and services that try to enter this market will immediately be at a huge disadvantage, they will start out nothing. They will have no data on customers by which they can use recommendations.

Travelchain lets you stay in control of this data so you can selectively share it with any service you want, or to unshare it with any service you don’t want. This essentially frees you from the duopoly and give you the chance to use whatever travel service you find online.

Wen you share your Travelchain profile with them, they pay you in tokens, and you get a much more targeted offer, from any travel company in the world.

This is bringing travel freedom to the next level. This is Travelchain.


The Travelchain token sale begins today – December 15th

The highly anticipated Travelchain token sale is beginning TODAY and will end February 15th.

The token price is currently set at $0.0151 and bonuses are available. Interested investors may review the complete Travelchain business plan:

Additionally, Travelchain is now officially supported by BitShares, and Christoph Hering, of their Munich office, has come on as an advisor for the project.

For general information about the project or to participate in the token sale, visit



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