Blockchain to Secour Advertising

As we all know, Every single company and business, (both small and large), we’re talking about marketing to their ideal customers through social media. It has been the panacea that we all seek, and there is no doubt, it has been a strong tool of the hands of individuals because of its wide global use.

We are at The point that the internet age is all about digitalization and fast movement of stuff from one point to another. While there are hundreds of different marketing strategies, only one can bring in consistent sales from day one: social media advertising. However, one stumbling block when it comes to social media marketing has to do with the fact that it’s harder to push transactions. Not just with the customers and publishers, but also, when it comes to doing transactions of an advertisement, which was done between advertisers and publishers, That transaction maybe not transparent, taking more time to do because it has many intermediates.

So is there a more reliable way to perform easier and transparent transactions?


Blockchain crops up into the technology market these days and alters the way we have been doing the online transactions lately. This technology is not only limited to the finance market, but it is also impacting the advertising and marketing industry too. Infact, Big names like Kellogg’s, Unilever and Kimberly-Clark joined a consortium for ad-buying blockchain solutions to eliminate the middlemen and enable their consumers to audit advertising spending.

Imagine having your computer utilizing its spare capacity to serve businesses and people across the globe. Imagine being paid for browsing the web and taking ownership of your, arguably invaluable, attention. This world is not far from that anymore. This distributed, resilient, transparent and incentivized applications will prove themselves to the world by remapping the technological landscape, and this how Blockchain will improve Transactions between the Advertisers and Publishers.

After BITCOIN, the first-ever Cryptocurrency made by an unknown person or persons, ETHEREUM was the one that first showed everyone the true potential of blockchain technology. Thanks to the founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, he allowed developers from all over the world to run their Dapps on top of their platform. Ethereum developers can code smart contracts on Ethereum, which serves as the blueprint for the Dapp. And so, an American company uses it to revolutionize advertising transactions.

Skin in the game of Social Media Advertising

To lead the brand and agencies, to the Path to Transparency and Efficiency, an American company founded by Gauthier Bros and Stephanie Clement whose part of Facebook application developers since 2008, the ATAYEN, Inc is specializing in developing applications dedicated for business pages on Facebook and other social networks.

When SMA first arrived on the scene, marketers used it quickly to simply connect with their audiences. However, today’s marketers have had to change many traditional ad approaches including the payment methods. Social media is here to stay, and advertisers must adapt in order to engage customers.

And yet, more than a decade down the road it has yet to achieve what it set out to do. This makes us wonder why. There are many reasons for this. ATAYEN, Inc explores some of the causes why it has yet to achieve its goal despite its obvious advantages, and After exploring some of the causes they have seen many opportunities and problems that the current marketing industry is facing. After their long research, they proved that blockchain would be the solution and now, they hold the key to revolutionize the advertising transactions.

The company has a more pragmatic approach in dealing with advertisers and publishers’ institutions. Instead of working “against ” the current social media advertising publishers, they work “with” them by creating smart contracts that bridge the gap between advertisers and publishers. The Smart Contract will rule advertising transactions and creates a token for value sharing, and so, the idea of SaTT was born. Smart Advertising Transaction Token or SaTT, will improve the Social Media Marketing that will run through decentralized applications.

SaTT token is used in transactions between advertisers and publishers. At this point, publishers and advertisers will get the benefit in terms of lower fees, instant payments, and the absence of middlemen.

Much of its success can be attributed because it uses Ethereum blockchain technology, it can provide high-quality security in storing data and smart contracts are a very transparent way in transactions, verified payment process, and effectiveness. It gives reliable and powerful tools to develop a platform. With SaTT smart contract advertisers can publish campaigns in a smooth way and one more thing if they require any data they can simply do a search that adds, They all are safely stored.

To summed up, ATAYEN Inc. created its own dApp (SaTT) which work like a calculator which collects statistical data from third-party oracles like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram … and proceeds to the payment of the sums agreed between the parties of the contract once the objectives are reached.

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