BlockDown 2020 Unveils 3D BlockDown World set to break new ground for Virtual Conferences

Virtual crypto conference BlockDown 2020 will utilize cutting edge tech that puts its visitors inside a virtual 3D conference.

On April 16-17, Blockdown 2020 will be defying government lockdowns to keep the crypto community networking, and it will be using a bleeding edge software package to do so.

BlockDown attendees will be able to design and choose their own avatar before sending it into the virtual conference hall, which will feature booths, stands and keynote speakers from some of crypto’s most colorful characters and businesses. Attendees are also encouraged to watch the BlockDown mainstage and panels all within the 3D environment.

“Think of it like a crypto version of ‘The Sims,”” said Erhan Korhaliller, organizer and founder of crypto PR agency EAK Digital.

“ We want the networking to be as natural as it would be at a real life conference, where you met your best friend at the water cooler, at the afterparty or in the networking/lounge area.Imagine your usual crypto conference, with booths, stands, branded t-shirts, stages and networking areas. This will be exactly the same but will allow attendees to control and direct their avatars to whatever content, speakers and booths they’re interested in.”

“ We think we have struck upon a truly unique model that will change the conference circuit for years to come. I encourage interested participants to join us for the very first BlockDown and to experience the future of conferencing.”

The set-up is the perfect solution for sponsors and businesses who want a highly granular data model of exactly which attendees visited their virtual booth and what they interacted with, like downloading a whitepaper or visiting their website, something that just isn’t possible or available in a physical conference setting.

On top of all of that, BlockDown will host an epic 3D afterparty encompassing world class DJ’s, spanning across time zones.

First-class speakers

While the technology at BlockDown 2020 will be cutting edge, no special equipment such as a virtual reality headset is required to take part in the historic event. ‘We wanted to make the event as inclusive as possible and whilst you can use VR if you have the right equipment it’s not necessary to join in the fun ‘ said Erhan

BlockDown 2020 futuristic vision will be matched by a first-class list of speakers and influencers from the world of crypto.

Changpeng Zhao, CEO and founder of Binance, Da Hongfei, Founder NEO, Erik Voorhees, CEO ShapeShift and David Chaum, Founder XX Network, will be joined by a range of popular crypto influencers including Datadash, Ivan on Tech, Peter McCormack, Crypto Beadles and Tone Vays, with more names joining the roster by the day.

The event demonstrates crypto’s resilience in the face of the global coronavirus pandemic, and there will be talks focusing on decentralized finance, security and privacy in the crypto space, plus many more.

BlockDown 2020 will be held on April 16-17, featuring 24 hours of the finest blockchain content. To get involved head to to sign up and register, join the BlockDown telegram or email


Tickets for BlockDown 2020 are available now. To find out more and for tickets, please visit:

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