BlockPay ‘S’ Now Available on Android


MUNICH, GERMANY — The future of digital payments is here. Independent software development company BitShares Munich released the latest version of its digital currency-agnostic, zero-cost point-of-sale (POS) system, BlockPay “S”, over the weekend (Sept. 17). The application is currently available to download for free at the Google Play Store.

“After months of hard work, we are more than happy to launch BlockPay ‘S’. It is our goal to build an easy plug-and-play point-of-sale platform that supports all of the top digital currencies,” said Christoph Hering, co-founder and CEO of BitShares Munich. “The application can be used by any business at zero cost.”


Hering added, BlockPay hopes to streamline blockchain-based currencies for many different industries and, from the beginning, will support rising stars like Dash and Steem.

Rodrigo Crespo, co-founder and CMO at BitShares Munich, said, “We are so excited to finally launch BlockPay “S”. We are expanding extremely fast with our Ambassadors Program, and have already started promoting BlockPay “S” in more than 30 different countries.”

BlockPay Ambassadors are all around the world, explained Crespo, adding, “Thanks to their great support and efforts we are building new bridges between local business and the blockchain communities.”

BlockPay is designed to be an easy, fast and free platform that supports all digital currencies like Bitcoin, Steem, Ethereum, Dash and Smartcoins. The POS system leverages modern blockchain 2.0 technologies and introduces a platform that supports digital and fiat currencies, all in one application.

In addition, the BlockPay POS system has a built-in, automated Loyalty Points feature, eReceipt capability and overdraft protection. It can also run with Standalone (as a free application) or integrated with existing systems via an application programming interface that integrates BlockPay with vending machines, kiosks and into Odoo, SAP, Shopkeep, NCR and other POS platforms.

The company’s pre-initial coin offering wrapped up on Sept. 5, ending after 13 days. BitShares Munich raised 1,095 bitcoin (BTC), roughly US $657,000 at the time of the sale’s end. In the crowdsale, 6.5 million (out of the total 100 million) BlockPay tokens were distributed to at least 550 holders.

The BlockPay tokens are currently listed on, CryptoCompare, CoinGecko, and at the native explorer of OpenLedger and Bitshares.

About BitShares Munich

BitShares Munich combines 33 years of entrepreneurial experience in mobile payments, B2B money transfer, software development, point-of-sale, IT and telecommunications. Founded in 2015, our goal is to streamline blockchain-based digital payments and to provide business and individuals easy access to digital currencies like Bitcoin, Steem, Ethereum and Dash.

Download BlockPay “S”: Here

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