Blockwiz Disrupts the Market by Launching Crypto Influencer Campaigns at Cost Price

Blockwiz, a Toronto based agency that offers digital marketing services for Web3 companies, has decided to help all web3 projects that are struggling in the bear market by launching KOL services at cost price for this quarter. The idea is to help the industry grow even in one of the worst bear markets that the industry is facing. 

Among the most trusted and acclaimed crypto marketing companies, Blockwiz has been in business for more than 2 years and has assisted over 350 crypto projects. The firm has shown relentless effort by not only growing during the crypto bear market, but also by helping many projects realize their true potential during such tough times.

Now, Blockwiz is all set to take the crypto market by storm, yet again.

Blockwiz’s KOL & Crypto Influencer Campaigns at Cost Price Initiative

“Blockwiz was launched with the aim to deliver creative solutions to the most exciting blockchain projects. While the 2022 crypto bear market trampled many projects, our vision is to keep on going and promote those projects that really deserve to be noticed. The general idea behind offering KOLs and crypto influencer campaigns at cost price is to help genuine, reliable projects reach out to their target audience with the help of renowned macro, micro, and nano-influencers.”

– Dev Sharma, CEO at Blockwiz

Blockwiz has disrupted the market by launching one of its most unconventional campaigns. The marketing agency is offering KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) and crypto influencer campaigns at cost price to its clients. This is certainly good news for young and growing crypto projects as they can make the most out of this opportunity.

With this campaign, Blockwiz aims to help authentic, credible projects grow by connecting them with KOLs at no extra costs. Blockwiz’s FUDless marketing approach is one of the core USPs of this campaign. The company wants project owners to feel insured against FUD. Not only can projects outshine their competitors by leveraging this opportunity, but also substantiate their place in the industry and grow exponentially during the ongoing bear market.

Blockwiz’s Ideology

Trust is indeed hard to come by, even in the trustless blockchain space. With so many new projects emerging across different blockchain networks, genuine players find it hard to make a stand in the market. This is where an agency with proven success in Web3 digital marketing, is offering a helping hand to credible projects with its Cost Price campaign.

From a flawless IDO strategy to utilize the full potential of liquidity decentralized marketplaces to individual events like airdrops, mints, etc. The marketing firm is opening ample avenues for projects to promote themselves in the best possible way and at no extra charges.

Genuine projects can exploit this opportunity to reach their target audience, spread awareness, and build trust. Moreover, projects can boost their sales and make good on their investments with the help of Blockwiz. Overall, the marketing company is single-handedly offering crypto projects the means to boost their reach manifold.

The Journey

Ever since its inception, Blockwiz has been helping numerous crypto projects by providing them with innovative growth solutions. The agency has collaborated with hundreds of clients including Huobi, CoinDCX, GameStar Exchange, and many more. With its data-driven approach, Blockwiz has run many successful campaigns for its clients across numerous social media platforms.

Bybit, a popular all-in-one cryptocurrency exchange and one of Blockwiz’s many clients, is a perfect example of how the marketing firm helps projects achieve their objectives. Through Blockwiz’s YouTube campaign, Bybit achieved more than 140 thousand views. Also, their KOLs and PR campaigns on Telegram and YouTube garnered 600 thousand viewers along with a CTR (Click-through Rate) boost of more than 16%.

Blockwiz has also collaborated with Megaverse, a relatively young but highly sophisticated Polygon-based metaverse experience. The marketing agency’s influencer campaign for Megaverse yielded some really spectacular results. The campaign generated over 295 thousand views across numerous social media platforms and also boosted Megaverse’s Twitter and Discord growth by 600% and 80% respectively.

Apart from that, the marketing firm has been working with KuCoin, another popular cryptocurrency exchange and one of Blockwiz’s oldest clients, to grow substantially since 2021. Blockwiz recently launched influencer marketing, PR, and content marketing campaigns for KuCoin and delivered beyond expectations. The campaigns led to more than 180 thousand views on YouTube, over 140 thousand likes on Twitter, and more than 2000 impressions on PR mentions.

The results delivered by Blockwiz Cost Price campaign show how they can assist not only established but also new emerging projects. The crypto marketing agency has conducted more than 1800 campaigns till date and has over 1300 crypto influencers or KOLs in their portfolio. All this makes Blockwiz one of the leading marketing firms in the crypto or blockchain domain.

Blockwiz’s Timeless Relationship with KuCoin

Launched in 2017, KuCoin is one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges. The people’s exchange has more than 8 million registered users across over 70 countries and regions. Blockwiz and KuCoin have been collaborating since early 2021. During this almost two year old relationship, the marketing firm has helped KuCoin grow substantially.

The very first influencer campaign Blockwiz conducted for KuCoin included dedicated YouTube videos from renowned influencers like Bitboy, Crypto Passion, Professor Crypto, and Up Next Crypto. Over the following months, the marketing company helped KuCoin connect with more KOLs including Mad Cripto, Crypto Profit, Startup Gyan, Crypto Ciervo King, Crypto Cieervo, Bitcoin Bro, Crypto Gems, and Flur BNB.

Apart from that, Blockwiz has also been helping KuCoin with their PR campaigns. All these activities caused KuCoin’s market reach to skyrocket. While these hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of views and impressions are indeed a solid reason for this long lasting relationship, it’s also Blockwiz’s unending support towards their clients that compels them to stick with the marketing firm.

“While the idea of hiring a marketing agency was overwhelming for us, Blockwiz’s marketing team, with all their ideas and plans, showed us what all can be achieved. Call it trust or faith, but Blockwiz showed all of us at KuCoin that our beliefs can become facts if we do what we are meant to do.”

– Leo Xue, Global Marketing Manager at KuCoin

About Blockwiz

Founded by Dev Sharma in 2019, Blockwiz is a full-stack crypto marketing agency. Having conducted over 1800 campaigns for clients like Vauld, C-Trade, Cobidex, GameStar Exchange, KuCoin, Bybit, and many more, the firm is trusted by the entire crypto or blockchain community across the globe. Blockwiz’s partner network includes the likes of, Cryptonews, Cointelegraph, CoinDesk, etc.

With an internal team of more than 80 professionals and a portfolio of over 1300 crypto influencers, Blockwiz offers services like influencer marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, community management, PPC (Pay-Per-Click) marketing, video creation and marketing, and PR. Apart from that, the crypto marketing agency also offers crypto, NFT, web3, and metaverse consulting services.



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