Blofin March into the Local Market With the Launch of Ukrainian Service

Kiev, Ukraine (Apr. 4th, 2023)Blofin launched service in the Ukrainian language to bolster their user experience. The company united numerous local affiliates, start-ups, and customers to increase crypto adoption in the Ukrainian community. The team will utilize user feedback to provide the most reliable and convenient products to Blofin Ukrainian clients.

Since the launch of the Blofin exchange, Ukraine has always been an important part of the Blofin community. “We have been inspired by the exciting ecosystem of crypto start-ups in Ukraine,” said Matt, CEO of Blofin, “It is estimated that 15.72% of the population – approximately 6.5 million Ukrainians – are investing in cryptocurrency to store value, cut transaction costs, and promote financial independence. Blofin appreciates its Ukrainian community and is looking to maximize their adoption of digital assets with the best Blofin products to leverage its significant potential.”

As part of Blofin’s commitment to offering next-level opportunities for crypto investors in Ukraine, the team prepared the full-featured product available in Ukrainian. This will help Blofin’s growing user base in the country to take advantage of the exchange’s full range of digital asset services.

Blofin is investing in Ukrainian live social media platforms and running campaigns and giveaways on Twitter and Telegram. To ensure users have a positive experience, Blofin has a dedicated customer service team to address local client inquiries. As an emerging centralized exchange platform which provides top-notch liquidity and reliability, Blofin spares no efforts to meet the expectations of its local customers in doing their crypto investments.

The Ukrainian language is now available on the Blofin website and on apps. You can download Blofin app from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store trade easily on the go. Blofin offers unparalleled convenience and security for crypto futures trading. Experience the innovative power of Blofin now!

About Blofin

Blofin is a cryptocurrency futures trading exchange where users can get into cryptocurrency futures trading in an exciting and rewarding way. On Jan. 12th, 2023, Blofin launched its futures trading exchange platform packed with pragmatic security measures, including AI-powered algorithms, infrastructure, analysis, and more. Designed to offer all users an equal, transparent, and highly effective trading experience, Blofin is now inviting the best and brightest futures traders to join its pioneering program. Blofin team consists of serial entrepreneurs, executives from the traditional finance industry, professional traders, risk control professionals, and more.

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