Bloom Technology and Creta Partner to Revolutionize Web3 Gaming with Locus GameChain Collaboration

Dubai, United Arab Emirates — (June 26, 2023) – Bloom Technology, the developer of Locus GameChain, a revolutionary blockchain gaming platform, has announced a strategic partnership with Creta, a metaverse platform set to transform the future of the Web3 gaming industry. This collaboration aims to combine the strengths of both platforms, opening up new possibilities for players and developers and redefining the online gaming landscape.

Locus GameChain stands as the world’s only on-chain serverless online gaming solution, achieving unprecedented milestones in the gaming industry. By successfully implementing a serverless model, Locus GameChain provides a decentralized online network-based service that eliminates concerns regarding server shutdowns or maintenance costs. This groundbreaking approach not only revives old games but also enables the creation of outstanding content and online experiences that were previously hindered by server expenses.

Additionally, Locus Gamechain has the potential to go beyond serverless and reshape the future of online gaming. In the case of MMORPGs, the central server structure requires multiple server groups to maintain millions of concurrent users. However, even with this approach, it is practically impossible for all users to coexist in the same space as they are divided across multiple servers. Locus Gamechain aims to overcome these technical limitations, allowing for the creation of the ultimate online gaming service, where a substantially large number of users can simultaneously access and engage in activities in the same space.

By implementing this unprecedented serverless online service, Locus Gamechain is poised to pioneer a completely new market. Not only will it revive old but outstanding online games that had their servers shut down, but it also provides the foundation for numerous outstanding content and online experiences that were previously unable to thrive due to server maintenance costs. The collaboration between Creta and Locus Gamechain promises to open up new market frontiers and expand existing markets.

Creta, based on the Locus Chain protocol, is a next-generation Web3 metaverse platform developing a photorealistic multiverse that combines and expands countless metaverses with different concepts. With plans to offer metaverses in sci-fi, medieval fantasy, and anime styles, Creta aims to collaborate with various concepts, including movies, animations, comics, and corporations, to implement metaverses with unique worldviews. Creta will service the Web3 version of “Fortress 3”, the legendary Korean national game with a user base of approximately 20 million, in preparation for service, along with various lineups, including P2P-based strategy games, waiting to be launched.

The integration of Locus GameChain into Creta significantly enhances the platform’s competitiveness by addressing challenges faced by many metaverse platforms in terms of user-generated content and return on investment. This collaboration not only improves the gaming experience for participants but also enables cost efficiency in Web3 metaverses, harnessing the true potential of blockchain technology.

The partnership also benefits developers and creators, providing them with powerful tools and an ecosystem to create games and generate revenue. By combining Creta’s high-performance Web3 AI-based creation tools and infrastructure with the serverless architecture of Locus GameChain, developers and creators can build scalable decentralized games on the blockchain at a much lower cost, exploring new revenue models and maximizing the potential of blockchain technology.

Sang Yoon Lee, CEO of Bloom Technology, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating that it will expand the boundaries of blockchain gaming by combining Creta’s Web3 gaming platform with Locus GameChain’s serverless online game solution. This partnership marks a new era of decentralized and immersive gaming experiences for players worldwide.

The collaboration between Creta and Locus GameChain represents a significant milestone for the gaming industry, promising to innovate the gaming environment, provide exciting and immersive experiences for players, and offer developers and creators innovative tools and opportunities.

Together, Creta and Locus GameChain are creating an innovative future for blockchain gaming.

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