BNB Fintech: The Blockchain-Based Solution to Payments System

Payment systems have for years been helping buyers, merchants and investors complete their trades. However, some face issues like fraud, cross-border transactions complexities, limited currency options, and others. However, a new project, BNB Fintech, launches to provide a payment system free from such issues.

BNB fintech is a crypto innovation whose primary intention is to disrupt payment systems. It comes with a vast array of payment-related services to ensure it hubs and supports different kinds of payments.

The network’s base is the Binance Smart Chain. Thus, BNB Fintech will decentralize and streamline the payment process. By basing services on a blockchain, this network will end fraud, cross-border transactions, and other problems. As a payment system, BNB Fintech will offer low fee transactions at high security.

Features of the BNB Fintech

When providing services, the BNB Fintech inculcates several features that bring the payment systems to everyone. Among the top features include;

P2P Crypto Marketplace

A marketplace is an online shop where people can buy goods and exchange services. P2P(peer to peer) is an exchange that involves a direct interaction between the buyer and seller. Most marketplaces use fiat payment options, but BNB Fintech is introducing a unique system. BNB Fintech is launching a P2P marketplace where people will pay for goods using crypto.

In the entire BNB fintech marketplace, the BNB Cash coin will be the most primary currency of the network. The token will help in trade and purchases. BNB Fintech will be adding more and more tokens in the future to increase convenience, thus solving the issue of limited currencies.

Debit Cards

Statistics show that at the end of 2020, there were over 2.4 billion Visa Debit cards globally. Indeed, a big chunk of the global population uses debit cards.

BNB Fintech introduces its native debit card system. They will work with networks like Simplex to help to link BNB Cash to debit card services. Hence, customers will have a good experience paying for gas, coffee, and other household items.

POS System

Of course, to make things easy for users, BNB Fintech will introduce a POS system. According to the BNB Fintech whitepaper, the primary purpose of the POS system will be to boost the transaction flow of BNB Cash via the merchants.

Merchants, buyers, and other parties will use the point of sale system in crypto payments. Thus, there will be an easy real-time flow of crypto transactions.


The final product in BNB Fintech’s initial plan is the wallet. In BNB Fintech, the wallet has an entirely different meaning. It’s a tool that hubs all developments. Thus, users can get a one-stop shop for all the services. Wallet users can track their points, expenditure behaviour, and purchase in exchanges.

BNB Fintech plans to launch the first three services before the wallet. Once all the services launch, the wallet will have higher demand.

BNB Cash Tokenomics

BNB Fintech has a unique token called BNB Cash that runs the entire platform services. The POS, marketplace, debit card, and wallet will all depend on this coin.

According to their website, the BNB fintech has a total of 200 million tokens. This coin has a $BNBCH ticker symbol. The 200 million tokens are distributed as follows;

  • 15% goes for the team and advisors
  • 10% for in-house development
  • 8% goes to marketing and rewards
  • 7% goes to investors and partnerships
  • 5% goes to whitelisted investors who provided earlier support to the project in different ways.
  • 5% for the presale. In barely the first few minutes of its presale, the network sold $280k.
  • 12% for the Pancakeswap launch
  • 30% goes to airdrops and for exchange liquidity

Transaction Tax

One exciting thing about this network is the transaction tax. Generally, in every transaction, BNB Fintech will charge a low 4% tax. It apportions the tax in the following ways;

  • 1% out of 4% will help the team and development projects. This amount will also help in the marketing services of the network. The network remains self-sustainable for the long run.
  • 2% out of all the transaction tax goes to liquidity. Generally, the liquidity amount will help ensure that the BNB Cash token remains stable in the long run.
  • 1% of the token will go back to the holders. This means that holding the BNB cash token will always have rewards for the users.

The BNB Fintech Team

BNB Fintech has a team of experts in different fields who combine efforts to create a highly efficient network. Among the top team members associated with the project include;

  • Joey Tan. Joey Tan is the project business manager and one of the co-founders of the network. She has been in the crypto industry since its early stages in 2008.
  • Lior Shpindler. Mr Lior is a developer and also co-founder of this project. He helps in the development side of the project.
  • Alexandria (Elle) Hoesch. As part of the founding team, Elle will focus on web and design services for this project.

BNB Fintech has long-term hiring plans to ensure it reaches the crypto market as soon as possible. The fact that they put their team publicly clearly shows that the BNB team aims to be utterly transparent.

Final Word

BNB Fintech is a promising project, especially in the payment space. The most noteworthy thing about this project is its crypto and blockchain base. Since blockchain helps solve payment flaws, this system will genuinely gain adoption in the long run.

The BNB fintech introduces 4 top payment-related services, namely, P2P crypto marketplace, Debit cards, POS system, and wallet. Its BNB Cash token is another tool that will help in streamlining the payment systems. One interesting thing is that BNB Fintech will partner with other tokens to provide more options for payment.

This project is still in its early stages. Hence the team is in constant communication with community members. To be a community member, follow their social pages below.


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