$BNB Holds Above $200 Despite Binance’s Regulatory Woes, Is This Time to Buy More $QUBE

The current regulatory environment continues to shake the crypto industry, and with it, the altcoin price of many cryptocurrencies has been affected. One which has been surprisingly resilient is Binance Coin ($BNB), which has held above $200 in spite of Binance’s ongoing issues with regulators. Industry experts attribute this to the exchange’s efforts to adapt and comply with evolving regulations, showing its commitment to the long-term sustainability of its platform and its native token.

Despite regulatory headwinds, several altcoins to watch have performed remarkably well in recent times. One of these is $QUBE, the native currency of InQubeta. While the project has yet to officially launch and is still in the pre-sale phase, many analysts and investors have already shown interest in it and consider $QUBE one of the best crypto to invest in now.

Binance in Turmoil

Binance’s challenges started in June 2023, when the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) alleged that the platform was operating as an unregistered securities exchange. The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange’s co-founder, Changpeng Zhao, was also charged with violating security laws and using billions of dollars of investor funds for his own benefit. A similar complaint was filed  by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission against Binance in early 2023.

As a result of these developments, $BNB sank to its lowest – a little over the $200 mark – in late August 2023. This was its weakest showing since the cryptocurrency market crash in June 2022. Despite the fall, most industry experts see $BNB slowly recovering as Binance continues to navigate its legal battles. $BNB remains one of the top crypto coins in the market, and it’s expected to rise in value in the future.

InQubeta’s $QUBE: The Best Cryptocurrency to Buy Now

$QUBE cements its position as one of the best altcoins to buy as its ongoing fourth presale stage has raised over $2.9 million funds. Industry experts say that one of the driving factors of InQubeta’s success has been its link to an emerging technology revolution giant: artificial intelligence (AI). InQubeta ($QUBE) establishes itself as the world’s first crowdfunding platform catering to AI start-ups.

InQubeta’s native token, $QUBE, is a deflationary ERC20 token. The platform recognizes the huge potential of integrating AI technology and blockchain to revolutionize industries and transform the way people live. InQubeta ($QUBE) aims to bridge the gap between AI start-ups and investors through its fractional investment concept and NFT marketplace.

InQubeta ($QUBE) has something to offer to both start-ups and investors. AI-focused projects can use the platform to raise funds by minting investment opportunities into non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and listing them on the marketplace for sale. Investors can purchase $QUBE tokens and use them to buy equity- or reward-based NFTs of projects they wish to support or deem profitable. They stand to not only gain from the success of their chosen project, but also earn through staking their $QUBE tokens.

InQubeta’s fractional investment approach is designed to democratize investment in AI technology, which is expected to grow immensely in the future. The platform opens up opportunities for smaller investors – who may have been denied entry to traditional investment channels because of their limited capital – to participate in the venture capital process. The platform’s aim to reach a wider audience is also evident in their Twitter account and other social media accounts, where regular updates are posted and which encourage community participation in the project.

How It Works

InQubeta ($QUBE) uses ERC20 coins to ensure a more secure, transparent, and accessible way to invest in AI start-ups. The operations team will evaluate aspiring AI companies based on their growth potential and likelihood of success before they can use the platform’s popular NFT marketplace for fundraising. Upon approval, these start-ups can mint NFTs that are equivalent to fractions of the amount they wish to raise. These, along with information about the company, will be made available to token holders.

The $QUBE token is used for all transactions in the platform. Aside from buying NFTs, investors can track the value of their portfolios and sell their tokens whenever they want, or stake these through InQubeta’s dApp for passive income. There’s a $1.5 billion cap on the $QUBE token and burn taxes to ensure long-term altcoin price growth.

Is This the Best Time to Buy $QUBE?

Industry experts predict more than 1,000% growth potential for InQubeta ($QUBE) by 2024 on the strength of its AI-powered solution and the success of its presale stage. Despite the current bearish market, now is the best time to buy more of this cryptocurrency, especially because the project is still in its infancy. It’s expected that the altcoin price will increase with each stage of the pre-sale and upon completion of the ICO, which means that early investors and those who buy in now stand to reap huge profits in the future.

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