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In just 12 months, BTCPOP has skyrocketed to being the best and most successful Bitcoin P2P lending company. With a total of 11,972 funded loans and 17,241 satisfied users, BTCPOP can proudly claim that it has more satisfied users and more loans funded than any other site.

BTCPOP are known for releasing new services and features quickly on their platform, making them the most diverse Bitcoin platform in the industry. Operating as a Bitcoin Bank, you won’t find these features replicated on any other Bitcoin lending platform. However, over the past month, Mr Bartholomew, CEO of BTCPOP, has listened to the users’ comments and has decided to focus on bettering the services that are on offer.

He said, “We’ve previously focused on adding new features quickly to become a platform like no other, where users can feel in control of their Bitcoin and have a choice of what they want to do with it. But, we’re reaching a stage where we’re nearly at our peak, and although there are more services and features we plan on adding in the future, we want to prioritise being the best at everything we have to offer. This is what our users want, and I feel like it’s the right decision to make.”

BTCPOP offer a 5% Savings Account, Business Loans, Coin Exchange, Instant Loans and IPO’s, as well as the option to borrow or invest in P2P loans. There’s so much that the company already offer that it’s very refreshing to hear that they’re working so hard to have all the kinks ironed out so that they can give their users the best experience.

It doesn’t take a lot to see that BTCPOP are a hugely successful business, with companies such as Smart Money People nominating them for the chance to win the Consumer Credit Award for the best P2P lending company. To see a comprehensive list of their (very) positive reviews, visit:

Register at BTCPOP today to make the most of their 5% Savings Account and other amazing features. Just sit back and watch your Bitcoin grow!

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