Bybit Integrates ChapGPT, Learn How Avorak Could Be Next in Line

Dubai-based crypto exchange Bybit has integrated the AI tool ChatGPT into its trading platform to automate market data analysis. The’ ToolsGPT’ feature is an AI chatbot that allows users to analyze future price trends based on past data and other technical indicators.

Several crypto companies are looking to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into their systems in what is called an ‘AI arms race.’ Avorak AI, a new AI-powered blockchain project, could be next in line.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot launched in November 2022 by OpenAI. The tool uses natural language processing to provide users with innovative solutions and services. Bybit’s ToolsGPT employs ChatGPT’s machine learning technology with the exchange’s market data to provide trading analysis, price prediction, and metrics.

The tool also allows users to make queries and get answers to trading inquiries. ToolsGPT can analyze the crypto market and generate price predictions and future market movements for several cryptocurrencies.

Another exchange,, also launched a ChapGPT-powered assistant called Amy in May 2023. Binance also integrated OpenAI’s chatbot into its Binance Academy platform to help users get answers to queries from its database.

Avorak AI Could Be Next in Line

Avorak is an AI-powered blockchain that utilizes machine learning technology to analyze market data and provide traders with technical indicators needed for trading. The project has a feature called Avorak Trade that automates trades on behalf of users based on past data analysis. Avorak Trade also alerts traders of changes in market trends or patterns and notifies them to make necessary adjustments to avoid losses or make a profit.

Avorak’s native token is AVRK which is used to fuel transactions on the network and reward users who contribute to the project’s development. The project is currently in phase 8 of ICO, where users who purchase AVRK tokens at this stage will be rewarded a 3% bonus.

As the ICO event ends, the Avorak team is providing a bonus event as a show of gratitude to its users. Users who make purchases between $250 and $495 of Avorak tokens will get a 100% bonus, a purchase from $500 to $1250 will get a 200% bonus, a purchase from $1,255 to $6000 will get a 300% bonus, and a purchase of $6,005 – $1,050 get a 400% bonus. Users who purchase over $10,300 AVRK are eligible for a whopping 625% bonus.

Once a participant makes a purchase, they must send their details to customer care representatives via the project’s official website live chat, Telegram, or Discord to claim their bonuses.


As industries, including cryptocurrency, seek to integrate artificial intelligence into their systems, Avorak AI could be next in line. Avorak is the first-ever AI-powered blockchain that aims to revolutionize the crypto industry. It won’t be long until the project is incorporated into crypto exchanges such as Bybit to simplify and improve the trading experience for traders.

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