C100.digital Crypto Index Company Appoints CEO of Teza Misha Malyshev to The Board of Directors


28 October, Austin, TX – Misha Malyshev, CEO of Teza and a former Global Head of High Frequency Trading at Citadel Investment Group,  and the creator of high-frequency trading algorithms in the global market, joins  the C100.digital crypto index company’s Board of Directors. With his expertise, the company plans to improve its internal trading platform and create highly effective asset management tools. Misha will also oversee the company’s product roadmap and strategic development.

During his time at Citadel Investment Group, Misha’s division generated more than $1 billion in revenue in just one year using revolutionary algorithmic trading strategies. He left Citadel Investment group in 2009 to create his  own securities trading firm Teza Group, and its subsidiary Teza Technologies.

“Financial sector is moving rapidly into blockchain technology and we are seeing more traditional investment tools integrated into cryptocurrencies. Availability of reliable products in such a highly volatile market are key for broad crypto adoption.  Company’s goal of reducing investment risk for common investors resonates well with me” – explained Misha Malyshev.

C100.digital was founded by Tanya Lyubimova in 2021. The value of C100 coins has already risen 300 percent since the beginning of the year. The company manages assets of its own base of crypto investors and is not available for US investors. Her second initiative, Particle.one, uses artificial intelligence to predict supply and demand in commodity markets using AI. Its clients include hedge funds in the United States and the United Kingdom, algorithmic traders, and research departments of banks.

About Misha Malyshev

After receiving Ph.D. in Astrophysics from Princeton University, Malyshev began his career in 1998 at Bell Laboratories conducting research until 2000. He spent the next three years as a consultant with McKinsey & Company. In 2003, he joined Citadel Investment Group and developed a quantitative trading business within the Quantitative Analytics group. He was appointed to the position of Managing Director and Global Head of High Frequency Trading. He resigned in 2009 and started his own firm. Malyshev founded Teza Group and its affiliate Teza Technologies in 2009. He serves as CEO of the firm. He would later establish Teza Capital Management LLC, a registered investment advisor.

About C100

C100.digital is an index crypto company that provides an opportunity to invest in cryptocurrencies while maintaining broad exposure to growth and valuation of cryptocurrencies, minimizing idiosyncratic risk and volatility of any particular coin.

The C100 index includes the top 100 coins by capitalization. The maximum weight of any coin within the index is no more than 10%.  C100 funds are properly collateralized at all times and exclude coins directly tied to any FIAT currency. Any index coin is secured by an appropriate collateral held in C100 custody. The C100 can be exchanged at any time for a collection of 100 matching coins. The index is rebalanced at the beginning of each month.

The C100 uses high-tech sophisticated systems to protect against external and internal threats. Most of C100’s collateral is stored in a cold wallet, while only a small amount is available to compatible cryptocurrency exchanges for rebalancing purposes.


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