Calvaria About $200K Away from Closing Presale, Last Chance to Enter


One of the most significant trends in the crypto market in recent years is that of the metaverse and P2E. This trend drew in a lot of investment over the past 18 months and, despite the crypto winter, some projects still managed to have enormously successful presales.

There’s a reason that P2E has been so successful – it’s an inventive model that gives users rewards for doing something they already enjoy; gaming. It’s even struck a chord with those outside the industry, and it’s likely that this will only grow as the technology becomes more refined. The space is very new so expect to see some significant improvements going forward.

One project leading that charge is Calvaria, a novel P2E game with accessibility as its primary goal. The project is in the final stage of its presale and has already seen massive investment numbers. It’s not surprising as its design and features are very appealing.

We explain everything you need to know about Calvaria here, giving you the info you need to consider entering before the presale closes.

P2E Will Continue to Dominate

The P2E space has enormous potential because it is the kind of model that can completely change entertainment. It is estimated that the P2E market will hit a size of $2.8 billion between 2022-2028, which is a remarkable size.

These games can run on all devices, and the fact that the mobile gaming market is increasing is an omen that there is potentially even more room for growth. However, to get that, some changes will have to be incorporated – accessibility is one of those.

Calvaria is a project showing that it can pioneer the new wave of P2E. The project places a high emphasis on accessibility in a number of ways, which we explain below. 

Calvaria is the Project to Watch At The Moment

Some of the artwork of Calvaria.

On the face of it, Calvaria seems like any other P2E game. It is a card battler game that makes use of NFTs. This is nothing new, but it is in the details that Calvaria sets itself apart from its peers.

The Calvaria team is determined to make the game as accessible as possible – including to non-crypto users. Players don’t need a crypto wallet, hold crypto, or buy assets to start playing within the ecosystem. The game is available in both Play-to-Earn and Free-to-Play, with the latter being accessible to those outside the crypto space. It is also available on both desktop and mobile devices.

As for the setting, players hold NFTs of characters from various factions, with the overall location being the afterlife. These factions are fighting each other to gain power, and the single-player story mode – which many P2E games don’t have – explains this well. The artwork is, of course, very striking.

What’s interesting is that the F2P mode might do an excellent job of attracting non-crypto users into the crypto space. As such, Calvaria could be the start of a big push with respect to P2E making inroads into the broader gaming world.

There’s one thing to note about the F2P mode. Players who take part in this won’t have access to blockchain-based features. This includes NFTs and the ability to receive royalty payments, wager on tournaments, and sell decks, cards, and upgrades. However, they will still be able to battle other players. On the plus side, the F2P mode might be a good gateway into the P2E space for these players. Other features Calvaria offers include staking the RIA token for rewards, a scholarship system, mini-games, and an in-game store.

The team is also keen on ensuring that the community leads the project in the future. For example, there will be a DAO where players can use the RIA token to cast votes. Together, these features have resulted in investors taking to the presale with enthusiasm.

The presale stages have flown by, and Calvaria is currently in its final stage. The token is gearing up to be listed on centralized and decentralized exchanges, and it’s clear that investors want to get the token before it hits exchanges – which will likely result in a price bump.

Check Out the Calvaria Presale

Calvaria’s Presale Won’t Last Much Longer


 So that is the long and short of what Calvaria is. It’s a revolutionary P2E card battler that makes itself accessible to everybody. Now let’s move on to the details of the presale.

The presale for the RIA token is in the final stage, with about 7% of the tokens remaining. So far, it has managed to raise $2.8 million. Investors will want to act quickly as only just over 6 million RIA tokens remain.

You can purchase the RIA token with ETH or stablecoins, with 1 USDT giving you 30.77 RIA. As this is the final stage, this is the lowest price you can get the token for. Expect the price to increase as the project has already announced partnerships and listings on various exchanges.

Partnerships include ones with Gotbit and KuCoin Wallet, both of which have a significant impact on outreach and adoption. The project has also announced listings on LBank, Changelly, and BKEX once the presale is over.

Now is the moment if you want to get in on this revolutionary project, as there isn’t any other of its kind. The project can genuinely change the P2E space, so it is worth watching.

Calvaria Holds Enormous Potential

Calvaria is all set to make a tremendous difference in the gaming world. Unlike other projects in the space, it is actively taking steps to ensure that everyone feels welcome, and this can go a long way in legitimizing the P2E space.

We highly recommend taking a look at Calvaria before the presale ends. It won’t be long before the tokens get sold, so consider hopping in to get the token before it gets listed on exchanges.

Check Out the Calvaria Presale


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